The Hidden Meanings Behind Each Of Ariana's New Songs

The Hidden Meanings Behind Each Of Ariana's New Songs

In this article I describe how I interpret Ariana Grande's songs on her new album "thank u, next".


My personal interpretations are as follows:

1. imagine

In this song, I believe Ariana is telling a guy, "Imagine what life would be like if we were together; imagine a world where we would be in love".

2. needy

In this song, Ariana admits she can be needy, but justifies it by saying that it feels good to be needed. By hearing this song, I believe girls will feel more willing to act needy or ask for things from their boyfriends. In this song I don't think Ariana is apologizing for being needy.


In this song, Ariana Grande says she needs space from everyone, and is saying that one day she might just go to space to get away from everyone.

4. bloodline

Ariana doesn't want this toxic guy under her skin. He seems to be clingy and obsessive.

5. fake smile

Ariana talks about faking a smile at every place she goes to. I believe she is talking about her sadness about Mac Miller... then she says she won't fake smiles anymore.

6. bad idea

In this song, I believe Ariana is talking about her impulsiveness and bad decision-making.

7. make up

In this song, I think Ariana is dreamily singing about sex when she makes up with her boyfriend... she says the make up sex is so awesome sometimes she wants to break up or fight on purpose so that they can have this awesome make up sex haha.

8. ghostin

In this song, I honestly want to cry. To me, she is talking about she is still in love with Mac Miller after he has died. She apologizes to Pete Davidson for crying over Mac when she is with him. She says she know it hurts him.

9. in my head

In this song, to me, Ariana is saying there are guys she's invented in her head. She also says she gets in her head too much and overthinks things. She also explains how she thought several guys were amazing, but they turned out not-so-amazing, going back to how she thinks the better self of the guy was "all in her head". In this song, I believe she is also referring to Pete Davidson, but I could be wrong.

10. 7 rings

In this song, to me, Ariana talks about how rich she is and what she can do with all her money. She likes spoiling her friends and having well, the best life. She says she is a savage. And she is.

11. thank u, next

This is my "graduation song". When I was graduating two months ago, I kept playing this song, because to me I was saying, "thank u, next, clemson" and I would cry every time I heard it. In this song, Ariana is saying she is thankful for all her exes because she wouldn't be who she is today or where she is today without them. She says she has become stronger and wiser from it all. I think every girl will think of their exes and feel empowered when they hear this song.

12. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

I think it's pretty clear what she's saying here, lol XD

Listen to her album "thank u, next"!!! I promise you won't regret it, it's literally fire.

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Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Is The Most Influential Song Of 2019, Change My Mind

And the music video may be even better.


Lil Dicky is a known musician know for his songs 'Pillow Talking' and 'Freaky Friday' featuring Chris Brown. The songs are fun silly and are very catchy. Last week, Lil Dicky released a new song titled 'Earth' featuring about 30 plus artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Brendon Urie, Zac Brown Band, and many others. This song is just as enjoyable as his other songs; however, this one carries an extremely important message.

In this song, Dicky brings awareness to the condition of the Earth along with the idea of world unity. Through the inclusion of several animal species, he shows how the earth doesn't just belong to us as human, but to the animals as well. Oftentimes, the human race can be extremely selfish and forget that we do share the planet with other species who are just as important as us.

In one of his last verses, Dicky mentions the way we are harming the earth through pollution and fighting wars. This part of the song becomes more serious to emphasize the importance of this topic. In the music video, the colorful visuals turn dark and gray which can bring to attending the dying planet.

In his effort to save the earth, Dicky calls for unity among all countries and continents. Saying how all past issues are in the past and we all need to come together since we live on the same planet. With all the political issues happening on a global scale, the earth and its health are often pushed to the end of the priority list. By adding this part to the song, Dicky brings awareness of that topic back to the top.

'Earth' by Lil Dicky is the most important song of 2019. Through his creative artistry and inclusion of over 30 artists, people will notice the message of this song and hopefully begin to make changes that will impact the earth in positive ways. If you haven't watched the music video or listened to the song please do.

Earth is the only planet we have; thus, we need to show how much we love it by actually taking action to care for it.

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If You're Doing What You Love, You're Not Wasting Your Time

Don't let anyone discredit your decision to do what you love.


In today's world, it seems like most college students are studying communications or earning a business degree or hoping to become a nurse. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of those career paths (they're all admirable and useful), I think a lot of people feel pressured to take a certain path because of someone else's opinion.

There seems to be a tendency among some people to discredit majors that "aren't practical," like English or art or something similar. Being an English major myself, I've experienced some negativity and heard the rude comments directed towards the liberal arts. I've heard that history majors are set for unemployment and that arts degrees are useless. I've also heard that "English majors end up working at Starbucks." I'd love to see some statistics that back up these claims.

But here's the thing: the opinion that liberal arts degrees are useless is absolutely unwarranted and not based on truth. It's just not okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean that people should discredit certain majors because they don't have enough creativity to figure out how to use an art degree. How can you judge something you know nothing about?

Sure, some people don't understand the point of liberal arts and think liberal arts degrees are a waste of money. For me, I don't understand people that major in engineering. But I don't discredit Engineering majors based on my dislike for math. It's wrong to have a negative opinion of the liberal arts just because you don't like the arts or you don't know how to use an art degree in the workforce.

I'm an English major because I love English. Art majors love art. Business administration majors should love business. It's so simple. You're not wasting your time if you're doing something you love. Instead, you're finding your purpose.

Why, then, do people try to force artists to become nurses, and writers to become human resource managers? It beats me. I think that we should all choose to do what we love if we know how to make a living out of it.

If we all do what we love, we'll all be more successful, more satisfied, more passionate, and more content with our lives. They say you'll never work a day in your life if you do what you love, and I believe it. It takes hard work and determination, but I believe that everyone can find a career doing something they enjoy. It's doable.

So keep painting, keep writing, keep singing, and keep doing you. Major in art or English. Skip college altogether and become a makeup artist. Do you. If you're doing what you love, you'll be great at it, and you'll find a way to make a living out of it, regardless of what other people say. You won't be wasting your time.

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