My mom has been claiming that she has witch energy for pretty much my whole life. Evidently, parts of my family were involved in witchy/ voodoo type things sooo there's a good chance I could be a witch (lol). But to be honest tarot cards, oils, yoga, and crystals are really cool. I actually just got back from a restorative yoga practice in a salt cave with my mom, of course, which was very relaxing. If you have never been to yoga you should really go because not only is it calming, but it is a good workout for your core and back especially.

Anyways, here are some fun things that for sure mean you have some witch energy in you.

You know what's going to happen before it happens: Do you have a good gut instinct about things? Can you predict answers or future events? If so, you may have some strong psychic energy.

You really like cats: Honestly, cats are the best and because of their dark magic past, you know don't cross a black cats path or whatever.

Fleetwood Mac is your jam and Stevie Nicks is your idol.

You like black: Black is the color of night aka witchy vibes, so if you feel yourself being drawn to all black, maybe you are a witch. Also dark purple, dark blue, any dark colors really.

The moon fascinates you: Tonight, the night I am writing this (July 27), is a blood moon, which the yoga lady told me means something about inner turmoil??? Who knows, it's really pretty though.

You aren't scared of spiders or snakes: I actually really want a baby black snake that has those scales that are iridescent and shift to dark green, but I don't really like spiders. Either way, if you aren't a scaredy cat when it comes to creepy-ish animals you are probs a witch.

You get sorted into Slytherin when you take the Harry Potter quizzes. OK, this is kind of stupid, I usually get sorted into Gryffindor, but just a general fascination with magic works too.

You believe in crystals, salts, tarot cards, etc. Duh.

Your wardrobe includes a lot of bell sleeves, black, platforms, flowy dresses, etc.

You can tell if someone is going to be annoying, rude, just overall bad for your life: Have you ever felt like someone is just off or if they are not good for you? That's some witchy intuition.

You feel connected to nature. Sun goddess. Moon goddess. Earth goddess. We are all connected.

Honestly, everyone has a little witch in them, whether you want to embrace it or not is your call. Some people find it interesting and some people don't, but you have to admit the goddess stuff really offers a connection with yourself, nature, animals, and the life beyond.