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The Month Of April For A College Girl, As Told By April Ludgate

Possibly the best and worst month out of the whole school year.

The Month Of April For A College Girl, As Told By April Ludgate

It's that time of year again. The birds are singing, the teachers are trying to squeeze in that last test before finals, and everyone is excited for school to end. It's disgusting.

1. Once the weather starts to clear up and the sun starts shining. 


Give my pale, melanin-lacking skin a break.

2. Everyone is annoying because they have nothing better to do. 


Something about that April air makes people go coo-coo.

3. You just. can't. deal. anymore. 


The days are getting longer and my patience is getting shorter. Day drinking it is.

4. But you still have to apply for big-girl jobs for after graduation.


I'm just trying to make my resume make me sound way more impressive than I actually am.

5. And look at apartments.


These are the important questions we need to be asking.

6. You realize adulting is difficult.


7. And expensive.


My future motto is 'the cheaper the better'.

8. Finishing your final papers is impossible.


And I can't wake up.

9. Everything hurts and you're tired.


I don't have money to buy coffee but I need coffee to function and do the things.

10. But you're trying to be optimistic.


Just survive.

11. And there's always a backup plan...


Free food. Free bed. Free friends. Just saying.

12. Everyone is sick.


Get away from me demons.

13. By the end of the school year, you'll do anything for some extra cash.


I may or may not have looked into how much foot pics would pay... don't judge.

14. Everyone is either really mean or really nice.


The end of the school year brings up a lot of emotions. I don't like emotions.

15. But at least graduation's in sight.


Bye losers. See you never.

I relate to April from 'Parks & Rec' on a personal level. Whether that's despising human contact or having to do actual work, her and I are pretty much the same.

Welcome April. I can't wait to get you over with.

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