It's pretty easy staring at a phone screen instead of outside a window.

For Spring Break, I visited Colorado Springs and spent a week at a castle. Sounds like a dream, right? I'll be honest, I can't tell you what was more stunning: the old castle brick, the floral room at the top of the castle tower, the mule deer wandering about, or the scenery of the Garden of the Gods across the field. It was quite a change from waking up to the delivery truck of Xcetera to wild turkeys gobbling outside my window. One of my most favorite things about this week though was that I was hardly on my phone. I did enjoy listening to a song or two with my headphones, but rather than be enveloped in the latest Instagram post, I spent my time in awe of what God created with His hands.

Have you ever looked at a rock and thought, "Wow, look at those beautiful layers!"

Haha, I haven't either. But for some reason, I was standing next to a tall rock formation during one of my hikes this past week. I couldn't help but notice the beautiful shades of red and grey layered so beautifully, and how cracks spanned the rock like an intricate spiderweb. It's small things like this that remind me, that God created even the most delicate corners of the world; from every cracked pebble to every seashell. Every picture I took this week almost looked fake, I had never seen a sky so blue and clear. Every calm breeze on my face and rustle of branches that followed enchanted me and seemed to carry with it the presence of the Lord.

Just seeing one context of landscape and knowing that there are so many more, I cannot help but also think of Psalm 139. If we can look at a big hunk of rocks and somehow find beauty in it, how much more amazing do you think humans are? God took five of the seven days to create the world and its animals, but on the sixth day he took a part of himself and breathed his own breath into us to give us life. He formed us from our mothers and fathers, gave us life experiences, different tastes, curly or straight hair, and so much more. With this knowledge, I recommend you look out of windows more. Take more walks, visit more places, and remind yourself when you look at your reflection and the faces around you that you, along with the world, are beautifully and wonderfully made.