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Your Time Is Running Out, Appreciate The Seasons You Spend Home For The Holidays

It's more than a peaceful break from school and life.

Taylor Caponigro

Going home for the holidays has always been something I treasured. At first, it was the excitement of having a break from the hassle of school and all the homework and exams that come with it. It was about spending time with friends and family and sharing the joy of the holiday season happiness with them.

But as I am approaching the end to my senior year, going home for the holidays is more than the greatest thing. It's everything.

It's no longer about the cheer of the holiday season, but rather the joy that comes with being around people who love and support you without limits. It's about being around people who got you to where you are today and about celebrating how far you've come as well as where you are going. Even if you don't know where that may be just yet.

I stopped caring about the kinds of presents I might get, or the holiday gatherings I might attend. Now all I can think about is the precious time I will get to spend with the people I love.

Home for the holidays might not seem like much when you're young, but soon after a while all the glitter it brings starts to fade and you begin to realize the true importance that being home brings.

I get to see my cousins. Oh, how I am sure they have grown. I get to spend time with my parents. Oh, I love how they love me. I get to spend time with my sister, who is finally my friend and not my enemy like my mom said she would be many years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I am still excited to spread holiday cheer, but I am even more excited to spread holiday love this season.

The holidays mean more than what they use to, they mean it all. I owe my best memories to the holiday season. There is no better gift Santa could bring, than precious time with my people.

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