Are you currently in high school and living in Ohio? Do you love to sing? Well, it looks like the AOSFYC is the group for you! I could tell you all the technical stuff about it, but let's begin with the fun stuff.

Here are 19 reasons that you should apply for the 2019 AOSFYC!

1.  We're patriotic as HECK.

Belle Ayala

From the north to the south of the state fair, you'll always be waving our country's flag proudly. We also sing a wide range of patriotic songs that any veteran in your family would appreciate.

2. You'll discover true exhaustion, but it will make you better.

Saige Koteles

We walk around 10 miles every day. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it will definitely prepare you for college. Besides that, pushing yourself is one of the best ways to get better!

3.  You'll get to sing constantly.

Belle Ayala

As they say, the show must go on! Whether a random cow comes to join you on stage or it begins to sprinkle, you'll still be singing. Your voice will be tired, but you will grow so much as a singer and performer.

4. The Ohio State Fair is the best fair ever.

Julian Goulet

Did you say donut burger??? YES, PLEASE! From the strangest to most normal foods, the Ohio State Fair has it all. And who doesn't love food!?

5.  You'll find people that you can be yourself around.

Lilly Joseph

Many people say that they've made stronger connections with the choir members in 18 days than they ever did at home in four years!

6. You'll find your voice.

Paige Dornheggen

Before I joined the choir, I was a shy girl who rarely spoke up. By the end of my four years, I was given the position of soprano-one section leader to oversee my whole section! If that isn't a 360, I don't know what is.

7. You'll get a hot tan.

Abby Toliver

If you want to spend almost a month in the sun with your friends, look no further! Most days you'll be outside almost all day! (Start packing the sunscreen now.)

8. You could find your forever person.

Cayla Clonch

It doesn't happen for everyone, but many have found a significant other. Even if you don't you can still get a bomb summer romance. BONUS: They can sing beautifully.

9. You'll see so many animals.

Annie Stemen

Real and fake, if you love animals, the fair is the place to go! You might even get to see one birthed!

10. You'll get fit.

Abby Tolliver

When you're not stuffing fried fair food down your face, you're probably drinking a ton of water. Additionally, you're constantly using your muscles to march or sing! No couch potatoes this summer.

11.  You can practice your networking skills.

Onyx Kraner

Not only do you make lasting relationships with choir members, you also make them with faculty. We also have an incredibly strong Alumni network, many of which visit every year and are so excited to help us out and network!

12. You'll never run out of people to hug.

Brooke Metzker

If you love warm hugs, we've got you covered! Honestly, it's our specialty!

13. You'll meet so many diverse people.

Tiffanie Daniels

Don't fit in where you live? No problem. We've got people of all backgrounds, religions, and races. No matter who you are, you'll find someone to relate to.

14. You learn how to live with people you just met.

Elise Botkin

If you're going to college or ever plan to have a roommate, this skill is crucial.

15. You make great connections that can be used in the future.

Jillian Goulet

Once you begin your college search, you might want the inside scoop. AOSFYC members go to so many different colleges and major in so many different things and one of them is bound to be able to help you out.

16. You might find a new passion.

Cayla Clonch

Many people realize that their true passion is music and that it's what they would like to pursue as a career!

17. You will challenge yourself more than you ever have.

Jillian Goulet

If you really love challenges, it will be a great fit. Some days it's really hard to get through the day, but with your choir family supporting you, you'll get through it.

18. You'll make beautiful music.

Cayla Clonch

It's a choir of almost 200 people, which is an experience many have never had to begin with. These are also the top choir students at many schools in Ohio. The first time you rehearse together, you'll wonder how it's already so amazing. By the end of rehearsal week, you will have improved the pieces more than you could've even imagined that first day.

19. You'll find a forever family.

Abby Tolliver

We don't all talk every day, but for me my choir family is people I know I can turn to whenever something is going wrong in my life. I always know they'll be cheering me on whether it's from across the state or even across the world. My family has changed my life, and I could never find a way to repay them.

Have I convinced you? If so, click here to learn a little more about AOSFYC and apply! If not, I encourage you to read more about it here and attend The Ohio State Fair this summer! I hope to see you there!