Poetry on Odyssey: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar,
Boy that shit's sinister-
Washing out my sins, and counting all my wins…

I'm a cynical depressant-
A mental doom tenant,
But best believe me I'm skeptical-
Of seeing odd spectacles in an open worldview of what you could possibly assume.

Relying on the means,
To make my thoughts clean-
To tasting the thoughts of the heaven I've embedded to my memory.

For my mouth goes cold,
As I'm exposed-
Through the frozen devils in disguise to waste my time.

Laying in sheets,
You won't hear a peep-
My mind will weep,
For the way you've killed me is perfect.

Apple cider vinegar,
My heart still lingers,
For tasting nostalgia is a toxin I couldn't refuse to sip.

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