I've never flown by myself. I've flown with my dog multiple times, twice with my sister, and once with an ex. I've flown two-hours from Tallahassee to Miami and once flew to Chicago, another two-hour flight. What might seem like a quick flight for some actually feels like a lifetime for me.

I hate flying. I'd rather drive eight hours in traffic than hop on a plane. The mere thought of a flight gives me nightmares days before I'm due to take off. Flying solo, especially, gives me all sorts of anxiety.

I've just flown from Tallahassee to Houston by myself, which doesn't sound like much, but this was the ultimate test for me.

These are the 11 thoughts running through my mind and the minds of every other anxious flyer.

1. "Can I take this on my flight?"

2. "OMG, what if I miss my flight?"

3. "This airport is huge, how the hell do I know where to go?"

4. "If I look anxious or nervous, TSA is going to think I'm hiding something!"

5. "OMG, why is TSA being mean to me? I don't know what to do!"

6. "I can't put my headphones on because I'll miss the important announcements."

7. "Is chewing gum on airplanes still a thing?"

8. "I have to pee really badly but I'm too nervous to pee on this flight."

9. "Is the plane about to crash or is the turbulence really intense?"

10.  "What if my luggage didn't get on the plane?"

11.  "What if I get on the wrong plane or end up at the wrong airport?"