I cannot believe this. I cannot believe that people are willing to spread this kind of stupidity. People are going to die because of this kind of misinformation getting spread.

Apparently, billboards in West Virginia and some surrounding states have been plastered with anti-vaccine messages. They talk about how Nick Catone's son died in infancy due to shots, Nick Catone being a former Ultimate Fighting Champion.

The billboard's claims are false. The child died due to what is called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. There have been studies that showed that vaccination actually reduces SIDS, thus making the billboards even more of an eyesore.

It seems the idiots who support this are no longer content with idiotic posts on Facebook and having their children die from preventable diseases, they now want everybody to see.

Facebook posts are easier to ignore that these abhorrent signs that everyone has to look at now. I feel sorry for the person who actually owns the billboard since they will now be associated with the idiots who put up those messages.

It baffles me that these people think they know better than science. Their desire to be in control of their lives is so great that they have to ignore what science and logic tell them so they have some level of control of their lives.

This feeling will end up with children being hurt. These kids could be living happy healthy lives, but no their parents can't get a grip on their lives and thus have to exert what control they can over their child.

This results in the child not getting vaccinated, thus increasing the chances of that child contracting a disease that could kill them.

It just baffles me that this kind of stupidity continues to this day. Please be better. Please be smarter than these people.