‘Anonymous Santa’ Brings Cheer to Those in Need

Buying presents is always exciting, but the only thing that isn't part of the fun is the price of it all… Some people are fortunate enough to be able to cover the costs of their purchases, others might have to have those items be put on layaway; a process that involves putting down a deposit for an item to purchase at a later time. Many people do this when they can't afford the full price of something, and it may be a stressful process to pay the rest off if you aren't as financially lucky as others. One man helped families through this financial stress.

In a Walmart in Vermont this week, a man that is the "Anonymous Santa" did a large act of kindness that brought some customers to tears. Walking in, the stranger helped cover the large costs of all layaways in one day. Let me repeat that, all layaways. That might make you wonder how much it all cost.

When the man was asked who has the ability to cover all of the expenses, he replied with a short and sweet answer, "Santa Claus can." One customer said, "There were people ahead of me who were eight, nine, hundred-dollar layaways." This only showed that the stranger obviously had the money to be financially stable but had the heart to share his wealth to help others. The customer went on to mention "I get goosebumps thinking that – that is the true magic of Christmas, that's the Christmas spirit walking among us." Our secret Kris Kringle obviously wanted to make an act of good deed without revealing who he was; a true act of kindness.

If it were up to me, I would want to see more act of kindness like this around the holidays. This is someone who is sharing something that many others don't. Everyone deserves cheer and joy during this time of year, no matter what kind of holiday people may celebrate. Imagine how many people this man helped by his act. Another woman in the store was filled with emotion when she witnessed the act. "I left the store in awe, with tears in my eyes," she said in an interview. "That same man that didn't know any of us would just walk into a Walmart in a little place like Vermont and pay for everyone's layaway."

Now, I'm not saying that everyone has to pay for other people's layaways, but hopefully, this little holiday miracle inspired some people to do even a small act of kindness. I know that for many people, like the struggling college students, it can be really hard to give a lot of money like "Anonymous Santa" can, but donating time doesn't cost a single cent. From being a notetaker to volunteering at a shelter, doing these acts of kindness not only help those in need, but it can even make you feel proud of doing your part to help others. Be like "Anonymous Santa" this holiday season and bring someone cheer and joy.

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