5 Anime that you don't want your kid watching
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5 Anime that you don't want your kid watching

5 Animes that you don't want you kid to find

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Anime is one of the craziest forms of entertainment there is, it has a plethora of genres too choose from, ranging from sports to the supernatural. As anime is such a strange form of entertainment many people fail to grasp the severity of some of the anime genres, seeing all anime as kid shows, which is the worst thing a parent can do.

At some points it's almost like handing your twelve-year-old a play boy magazine. As someone who's been watching anime most of their life I cannot express to you how many times I've had a child tell me that they are watching an anime way out of their age range. It outright shocks me to see what some of these kids are watching. MY own little ten-year-old nephew has gotten into some shady anime, so I made a list of inappropriate anime your kid will mostly find.

1. Attack On Titan

This is the easiest one to find and your child (if it has any skills on the computer) will find. It is an extremely popular anime, that is also extreme violent, with the main villains being giant man-eating monsters. The animators don't shy away from the man-eating part either with people losing limbs in spectacularly bloody fashion. For the most part this anime is just gorily, not much else to worry about like others on this list.

2. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Not as popular as Attack of Titan but still pretty well known. This anime is not only outstandingly gory it also covers many topics not suited for the faint of heart, I mean the whole show is centered around a death game that make the hunger games resemble a game of tag. I mean in the first episode your set up with a crazy stalker and a serial killer pitted against each other and that is by far the tamest episode of the series. It's a show made to put the viewer on edge and show them the worst of humanity, with murder a regular and often encourage outcome of each episode, it is not something you want your kid watching.

3. Highschool of the Dead

This anime if a triple threat of inappropriateness with gore, fan service, and language. It's basically if HBO got ahold of The Walking Dead and then deaged most of the cast. This show is wildly inappropriate for young viewers and I wouldn't even watch it. Not only does it send some horrible messages about people, but it is wildly sexual with its underage cast. I cannot stress enough how this one is one of the worst on this list and it is the one that always makes me cringe when I hear a kid say they've watched.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

As most on this list Tokyo Ghoul is a horror anime about man eating monsters called ghouls. What makes it worse than attack on Titan is that these man-eating monsters look just like humans and the main character becomes a man-eating monster. So, you can imagine how gore this story gets, but the show also adds a bit of torture and out there themes as well, making it as non-kid friendly an anime as you can get.

5. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This one is probably the most value anime I have ever seen and what makes it all the more unassuming is that it is drawn in a western cartoon style. Meaning that this anime looks like a harmless kids cartoon. It is not, it has the worst language out of all these titles and has more sexual themes then I would care to admit. The anime is about two fallen angels trying to buy their way back into heaven by killing demon, only they still enjoy the activities that got them thrown out of heaven to begin with. You have one character, who's a sexaholic and proud of it and another with an unhealthy liken to teenage boys.

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