Why Do Some Animated Films Succeed And Some Fail?

Why Do Some Animated Films Succeed And Some Fail?

With animated films increasing in numbers, it is interesting to see why some really work and some really fail.


Personally, I think that we live in the perfect time to really appreciate the art of animation. This mostly has to do with the timing of Disney films and the use of technology. Those of us who are now young adults entered into the perfect sweet spot for animation. We were just old enough to appreciate films that released onto VHS and we even saw the trend as these films passed onto DVD. Movies, and therefore animation, were easily bought, brought home, and watched which helped increase the profit for films such as "The Lion King" or "Aladdin." Thus, due to this increase in technology and audience, the market for animated movies grew along with the ability for movie companies to produce them. From this came a whole new generation who could easily watch and consume animated movies from the comfort of their own homes.

Time has only continued to march forward from here. Now, the ability to watch movies, especially animated ones, has only grown in simplicity and ease. Now, watching a movie is just as easy as pulling out a phone, tablet, or computer and pulling up a film from a streaming service. In fact, before writing this article, I watched a movie from the comfort of my recliner. The internet has provided an outlet for people to pull up hundreds and thousands of animated movies in seemingly no time at all. The animated world is now at our fingertips.

Given this, it is no surprise to find that animated movies have grown and increased over the years. After all, an increase in technology and ease translates into an increase in market numbers. In order to capitalize on an audience who can very easily pull up movies on their phones, more and more animated movies have seen the light of day. Film industries like Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, and Illumination are producing the animated film after animated films in order to appease audience members of all ages and to make use of an ever-growing technology-based market.

One would believe, given the increased interest in the creation of animated films, that the movies themselves would be in top form. After all, practice makes perfect and with the number of animated films coming out over the years, you would think that the film industries have had more than their fair share of practice. However, despite the increasing numbers, animated films seem to live on a two-lane street: they are either really good or really bad. The end result is a mixed bag of quality that honestly is a little odd when you lump them in the same category of animation. What makes an animated film so good and, on the same page, what makes one so awful?

There are a lot of factors that go into making an animated film and making one amazing. Story, animation, special effects, voice acting, script writing, and character design are only a small handful of all the moving parts concerning animated film creation. They are all equally important in their own ways and all go into marking the differences between good and bad animated movies. However, despite all these important parts of an overall whole, I think that the difference between a good animated film and a bad animated film really falls into one simple category: effort.

Effort is something that seems so easy to graph but honestly is hard for a lot of animated movies to put into practice. However, that mainly stems from the main audience of animated movies: young children. For years cartoons and animated movies have been the source of child entertainment. Whenever an animated film hits the big screen, you are sure to find a sea of little children running around the movie theater lobby. Animated movies are aimed mostly to entertain young children and, because of this audience range, these films feel like they don't have to put in as much effort into movie making. After all, animated films are "just for kids." That means kids are easily entertained as long as some sort of moving pictures and sounds are on the screen. Bright colors and funny voices should be enough for an audience of children who don't know any better.

However, this is what marks a good animated movie from a bad animated movie. A good animated movie doesn't accept the idea that kids deserve the bare minimum of entertainment. In fact, good animated movies acknowledge that a lot of adults enjoy their movies as well. Thus, by treating your audience like a thinking being, animated films are made with much more effort and case; the stories are sharper, the animation is more refined, the voice acting has life and energy, and the editing is stronger. A good animated movie doesn't think that a child will only be happy with the smallest amount of entertainment. A strong animated film will see young children as capable of wanting to understand and appreciate more than just a half baked script and lazy storytelling.

After all, you wouldn't give your child a rotten piece of food. With a whole new world of animated entertainment to consume, we shouldn't have to settle with rotten animated movies with little to no effort.

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Dear Taylor Swift, Christians Are Not Homophobic Bigots, Sincerely, The Majority Of Christians

Taylor, you need to calm down when talking about how most Christians act.


When Taylor Swift released her newest single "You Need to Calm Down" last Friday, I didn't agree with the entire message of the song, mainly because of its heavy political overtones. But as the great Dick Clark once said, "It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it." So, for what it is, it's really easy to dance to this song, and I can see it becoming a pretty big hit.

But then the video came out, and I saw something that really bothered me.

In the music video for "You Need to Calm Down", Taylor is seen partying and hanging out with multiple LGBT+ icons in honor of Pride Month, such as the hosts of Queer Eye, RuPaul, and Ellen Degeneres. There's also a moment with Taylor, dressed as French fries, renewing her friendship with Katy Perry, who's dressed as a hamburger, which is as amazing as it sounds.

However, there's another cast of characters which acts as a foil to the happiness and colorful joy which is taking place in the video. There's a group of protesters surrounding the trailer park where Taylor and all her friends live. They're all dirty, buck-toothed, and dressed like your typical redneck stereotypes. They're also holding up protest signs while screaming at everyone in the trailer park. I saw one of the signs said something about Adam and Eve, and I realized most of the protesters were most likely meant to represent Christians.

And that...didn't sit well with me at all.

I know that these people never explicitly said they were Christians in the video, none of them even wore a cross. But, whenever someone sees anyone protesting rallies and organizations such as Pride, I can guarantee you that most of the time, the first thing people think is that they're from the Westboro Baptist Church, which is notorious for its protests. And I won't lie, there are some Christians who act that way.

But if you haven't heard this yet, let me be the first to tell you that not all Christians act like that. In fact, most of them don't act that way.

Christians don't agree with the LGBT+ lifestyle because of what the apostle Paul wrote in the book of 1 Corinthians (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). However, Jesus never once taught that just because you don't agree with a person doesn't mean they're automatically your enemy (Matthew 5:44). Christians are supposed to represent the love of the Savior of the world, which encompasses every and all aspects of humanity. This definitely includes people whose lifestyles we don't agree with. By not showing love to certain types of people, we are directly going against one of Jesus's greatest commandments.

Not agreeing with people is one of the cornerstones of humanity. It's a divisive world out there to be sure, but that doesn't mean people from any side of the debate need to perpetuate the division. Grouping all Christians into one group of hateful bigots is no different than Christians grouping all the members of the LGBT+ community into one group of evil people. One of the key elements of Christianity is showing people who have different beliefs from us the same love Jesus would show to anyone. And I know I'm not the only Christian who wants to show love to people of all walks of life. I may be the only Jesus they ever see in their lives, and we all wish to express the same love to others.

So Taylor, it looks like you're the one who needs to calm down on this issue.

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It’s Okay To Let Go

If It’s Meant To Be It Will Be, If Not It Never Was


It's okay to let go of things that you are not meant to have right now or ever. It's okay to stop and start over. It's okay to have a fresh start. It's okay to let go of anything you feel is holding you back or negatively affecting you. It's okay to be selfish in this situation and let go. Whether it's a relationship, a friendship, a bad habit, a lifestyle, or anything that is not bettering you as a person, it's okay to let it go.

There are moments in life when you can and are totally allowed to be selfish. There are moments when you can and are totally allowed to put yourself first and think about yourself before anyone else. If something is holding you back, preventing you from being who you wanna be, or damaging you in any way, shape, or form, let it go. Regardless of if it's all you know, if someone's feelings get hurt, or if you're scared because you have no idea what's going to happen, be selfish and do it for you. If it's going to be better for you to do it. If it's going to take a weight and burden off of you, do it.

If you let it go and it eventually returns, it was meant to be; if it does not return, it was not meant to be. Letting go is hard and can be very scary, but it's worth it in the long run. Whatever is holding you back from letting go, you've got a better reason against it for why you need to let go. The moment you start questioning whether or not you need to let go, you should start letting go. You can do it, and once you actually do it, you will thank yourself and start to see the positive changes.


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