Animals In Snow Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today

So, everybody knows that folks all across the Mid-Atlantic states have been dealing with the crazy-insane effects of what has been dubbed "snowmaggedon." I sympathize with those folks, I really do. However, as someone who attends college in one of our country's snowbelts, I sometimes find peoples' reactions to such weather events to be, in truth, funny. I do not, however, find the consequences of such weather events to be as laughable. Many people have gotten injured, and even died, and to those I send my deepest regards and condolences to their families.

On a lighter note, I really look forward to seeing more photos and videos from the cities that were impacted. Yesterday, the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. released photographs of its inhabitants frolicking in the snow. A few of my favorites included this seal, this elephant, and this panda.

Since I'm on a roll, let's go even further. Has anyone seen these dudes? 'Cause, dang, they are so cute.

So, while many might not find this the optimal time to whip out the happy dance, I want y'all to remember that silver linings abound and when in doubt, there are some cute animals to cheer you up on even the coldest days!

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