An Android User's Review Of The iPhone 7 Plus After A Few Months Of Use

An Android User's Review Of The iPhone 7 Plus After A Few Months Of Use

Who would have known that the iPhone would be this amazing to an Android user?

I've always been more of an Android guy, but iPhones has been extremely prevalent where I live. People around me have always been crazy about them, and because I've never understood why, I decided to give one a try and went to Best Buy and bought the 256GB Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus. I was awestruck by the unboxing experience. Everything seemed perfect: the phone, earphones and more! It all fit together flawlessly into the box. The phone fit perfectly in my hand, the matte black was a beautiful color and the build quality was exceptional.

My first impression of this phone was nothing but amazement.

I spent the first few days becoming acquainted with iOS and Apple's last creative and successful phone. I have to admit: iOS is much smoother than Android, and I had never had any hiccups while using an iPhone. Having a dual camera is nice, and the pictures taken on an iPhone are much more natural and far less saturated compared to pictures on a Samsung phone, which uses AMOLED technology. One of the features that the iPhone had but an Android didn't was iMessages. This new user interface for texting was amazing, I could easily talk to other people with an iPhone, and I loved how it automatically synced with my Mac. The seamless flow between my Mac and iPhone calendar, notes, documents and music was superb! Force touch was also nice to have in place of a physical button, but it didn't make much of a difference to me.

Although there were so many amazing features that came with my iPhone, not every part of the new experience was perfect.

When I first bought the phone, it was running on iOS 10, but after a few weeks, I upgraded to iOS 11. Everything that ran smoothly instantly ceased. I would try to remove apps, but their ghost icons would remain on my home screen, iMessages would freeze, the upper notification bar would disappear, the list goes on. The camera was excellent, but portrait mode wasn't as impressive as advertised since it sacrificed resolution quality for an effect which could be done in normal camera mode. My biggest disappointment was the battery life. Apple advertised that it would last 21 hours, but my phone barely lasted a whole working day, which was around 12 hours.

Overall, iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing phone with great features, but ultimately, I would rate it 7/10. The new force touch button, dual camera, big screen, waterproofing and processing power are great, but Apple could improve the terrible battery life which barely gets me through a day.

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17 Apps That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier

Life made easy, all with the tap of your finger.


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1. Sleep Cycle

Apple Store & Google Play: Free (In-app purchases for Premium)

I have been using sleep cycle for what seems like forever (at least since high school and I'm in my last year of college). It has made my sleep SOOOOO much better. It wakes you up when you are most awake, so you can say good-bye to those awful Monday mornings.

2. Waze

Apple Store & Google Play: Free

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3. Forest

Apple Store & Google Play: Free (In-app purchases)

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Apple Store & Google Play: Free

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Girls, I'm not going to beat around anything, this is the best period tracker I have ever found. After logging for a few months, it gets scary accurate. Never be caught red-handed again.

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All it takes is a simple click and you can make your life easier than it was five minutes ago.

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