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An Open Letter To Those Who Feel They Achieved Nothing In Life

You have achieved everything as long as you're happy.

An Open Letter To Those Who Feel They Achieved Nothing In Life

One day you're at home scrolling through Facebook and you come across one of your friend's post talking about this amazing internship she got, she got her dream job, or she's engaged. You are always happy for your friends and for their accomplishments but you can't help and look at your own life and ask the question: What have I achieved? Have I done anything great? Have I done anything with my life so far?

Some days you can push these feelings back but they still linger in the back of your head: What have you achieved? Now you are feeling at an all-time low. That your accomplishments are so small compare to others who are around you. Everyone around you was going up in the levels of life and you are still stuck at level one.

That nagging feeling that you need to do more, achieve more, and reach higher levels in order to be truly happy but is that really true? Do you really need to do bigger things to feel accomplished?

The answered is NO!

There are different definitions of feeling accomplished for different people. Some people feel like they need to have the best job, best house, best everything in order to be accomplished while for others getting out of bed and going outside is just as good.

It is completely normal to feel low and like a failure, because everyone has those feelings even those who seem to have it all together. Just remember don't let failure define you, because you are so much more than that. Be proud of what you didn't fail, what you did get done and have. You may not have some of the things you want, but I can tell you a few things you have done and accomplished.

You got up today

You got dressed

You went outside

You are a wonderful, strong human being

You still have loved ones in your life (no matter how small or large the number is)

And so many more things!

You don't need to do big things to be a success because you already are.

Just living life and being happy is the greatest accomplishment you can have. There are so many people who aren't happy with their lives and thought to be successful and achieving a lot will lead to ultimate happiness. Happiness is defined by the person and if it works for you then that is all that matters.

Another thing is don't believe everything people post on social media, there is always more to the story. People tend to only share the good things in their life and not the bad. You never know how they truly feel or what it took to reach that accomplishment.

Don't compare your life to other people, your life is just as wonderful as theirs just in different ways.

This is your life, and life is a roller-coaster filled with ups and downs. Some days you fall, but other days you stand up tall.

In case no one has told you this, I am so proud of everything you have done even if it was just waking up this morning. I am still proud of you.
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