An Ode to Bucknell's Caf
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An Ode to Bucknell's Caf

Why the caf is the place to be on campus.

An Ode to Bucknell's Caf
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Bucknell's Bostwick Marketplace, otherwise known as "the caf," is the main dining hall of Bucknell University. This is where most freshman and a majority of athletes eat their meals. Freshman get unlimited swipes, an amazing perk of the all-access meal plan.

The caf is a great place to eat. It's styled like a buffet with 10 different stations to choose from. Some people say they are sick of it or can't find anything they like, but I'm absolutely loving it. Many schools are known to have gross caf food, similar to summer camps, and therefore students try to eat out as much as possible. For a dining hall, I give the caf a 10 out of 10. I eat three meals there almost every day of the week and I always find something I like. Some people are convinced I live there.

The breakfast is pretty standard with hot food like oatmeal, eggs, some form of meat like ham or sausage, and breakfast sandwiches. The bagels, toast and waffles are an excellent choice, bonus points for the waffle machines with the B on them. There is also a section of baked goods by the desert bar and a small selection of fruit to pick from. Let's not forget the famous cereal wall, open all day, with tons of choices. So yummy. Then there is a section for take-out if you are in a rush or just don't feel like staying to eat. But seriously, after seeing the cereal wall, you have to sit down.

For lunch and dinner all the stations are open. Egg bar is a great choice but you have to be willing to wait because it tends to take some time. The salad bar is also open all the time and serves as a healthy choice with lots of toppings and dressings to add on. While the pizza is definitely not up to New York status, it's pretty darn good for a college dining hall. There is usually 2-3 different types of pizza and then there are 2 pasta options with additional sauces. Another great thing is the make-your-own caesar salad station in-between.

At Whole Body, there is always two soup options and a few different vegetarian options ranging from veggies to humus and crackers to quiche. Bravisimo, aka Bravo, is a small station featuring one signature item each meal. Lunch tends to be salads or wraps and dinner can be similar or sometimes a special desert. Main Street Grill is where you find all of the comfort food. Nachos, tacos, grilled cheese, french fries, hamburgers, they have it all. The onion rings are bomb and sometimes they have fried pickles.

On late nights and early mornings they have breakfast sandwiches that seem to be a popular choice. Route-15 is more of the traditional, home-cooked style food. This is where you will find your meat like chicken or steak, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, special pasta dishes, and other hot food. University Deli really brings me back to the lunches my mom packed for me. They have all of your cold-cuts and other classic sandwich options. There is a toaster and a panini press next to a large selection of bread and rolls.

The home-made chips are excellent and come in fancy styles like taco and barbecue. My personal favorite is MongoFresh which is where I get my asian fix with stir fry. The usually offer either noodles or rice, the noodles are a better choice, and then a bunch of veggies to put in your bowl. You pick your meat or tofu and then your style of sauce before they fry it up on a grill in front of you. It's so good I get it almost everyday. There is also an entire beverage section with juices, sodas, tea, coffee and fruit-infused waters.

If you think that's all, you must be crazy because I haven't even begun on the deserts. There is an entire selection of baked goods for you at all times. Cakes, cookies, pies, parfaits, jell-o, you name it, they have it. There is also an ice cream bar with regular ice cream flavors and soft serve. I find myself here way too often.

Another great feature of the caf is the take-out option. You swipe in, leaving your card at the cashier, then you can get a to-go box and fill it with all your favorite options and a to-go cup for your beverage of choice. This is extremely convenient for those times you are in a rush or don't have time to finish your food.

However, if you choose to stay instead of taking out, there is no limit to how many plates you get or how many times you go back for more. It's completely normal to go back for seconds or get a whole new meal in the same sitting. No shame. We all do it. It's something called the caf sit and you quickly learn that going to the caf means that you could be there for ten minutes or you could be there for two hours. I have experienced both.

While there are limits to what the caf can offer, and i'm sure it will eventually get annoying by the end of the year if they don't switch things up enough, the caf is home and it is amazing. I have already heard from sophomores and other upperclassmen how much they miss the caf and the days of their unlimited swipes. I hold a dear place in my heart for the caf and I don't see myself getting sick of it anytime soon. I suggest enjoying the caf while you can and appreciating all it has to offer. After all, you only get unlimited swipes once.

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