Let's throwback to the time period when Democrats and Republicans may have once decently gotten along; the "life as we knew it" type of world which was inhabited with technology naive individuals, and (slightly importantly), a decade where wearing denim on denim did NOT make yourself a social standout.

As foreign and distant these attributes may all sound, and call me bias, but the 90's may have been the greatest generations of all time.

Born in 1996, I obviously may have been too young to socially experience the 90's, but from an observationalist perspective, I seriously wish I had.

For someone who is quite "old-fashioned" at times, an era of face-to-face communication, reliance on print newspapers for information, and simple technology is only enticing. As simply put, due to the lack of preposterous innovation back then, creativity was the center of the 90's world; granting a laidback and unique lifestyle I've always seemed to value.

Rather than impatiently waiting for the "next big thing" to arise, appreciation settled on existing resources. The paper shopping lists, the aimless walks around bookstores, and the worry of whether or not the right choice of VCR would be chosen at the local Blockbuster. We could only reflect, rather than welcome the world where the little things mattered the most.

The times of sneaking out of bedroom windows to meet up with friends; constantly wondering if the stereotype one innocently fell into was an accurate representation of themselves, is now only an idiosyncrasy of the past. Lessons and ideas may have been learned from films with hidden social commentary, but at least nothing was ever handed to others.

Time travel may not exist (just yet), but when it does, I know exactly where I am going.