An Ode To My Planner
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An Ode To My Planner

Here's a ridiculous attempt at poetry and describing how much I depend on my planner...

An Ode To My Planner
Gina Kelley

Oh, planner you are my life contained in coffee-stained pages

We are never apart, in fact I think we have become one

So I wanted to describe out relationship in a few different stages

Our First Meeting:

You were so shiny and new and ready for me to put my life into you

When I realized you were color-coded, I felt my heart flutter

I flipped through each day, month, and year and saw all the things that we could do

You were so perfectly organized that you made me melt like butter

I picked up a pencil and began to mark all of my important dates

Even your smooth and marbled cover made me feel like a boss

My handwriting fit so smoothly into each day and in that moment I knew we were destined to by the fates

Yet, a part of me was scared because if you were ever to leave I knew it would be a devastating loss

The Honeymoon Phase:

As I began college I knew our love could not be fleeting

I felt no fear because you were by my side

I wrote everything down from due dates and to-do lists and assignments and meetings

And soon our love felt worldwide

We had formed the perfect system

I gave you my heart, my life, my struggles and strife

Your color, squares, perfect lines and notes...I couldn’t resist ‘em

We were partners in crime, and partners in life

Trouble In Paradise:

But of course it could never have stayed perfect forever

A few months in and your pages were smattered with too many things to do

And every time I looked at you life seemed like a hopeless endeavor

Our love had turned the saddest shade of blue

Your calendar was smeared with pencil marks and tears

I could feel how disappointed you were with my illegible notes and disorganized mess

All seemed so bleak and weary, we had lost our once immortal cheer

Our relationship had succumbed to a little something called stress

Where We Are Today:

We have worked in these last few weeks to rebuild our trust

I’ve tried to do so much better by you

We have both come to realize that our relationship is still a must

I think we are going back to our old ways, it’s a little like deja vu

So thank you, my beautiful little planner for being there for me

For letting me put stickers on you, cry to you, write in you, and depend on you

I would be a disaster without you and I do decree:

You really organize my world because without you, I wouldn’t have a clue
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