1. Lives in New York City.

Needs no explanation.

2. Independent.

Carrie Bradshaw does not depend on anyone. She worked for everything she has and that is enough to earn my respect.

3. Doesn't cook.

Carrie keeps sweaters in her oven. She goes out to eat for every meal usually with her closest friends. This way, she has more room for her clothes and never wastes any food. That seems like a win-win situation to me!

4. A solid group of friends.

With a solid core group of friends, a girl can conquer the world. This group of friends is there for each other for every major event and even the minor events in their lives. They go out to eat together all the time, they shop together, and they go out together. Any one of them can call another at any time and they will be there for each other no matter what.

5. Doesn’t exercise.

Carrie only goes to the gym and to workout classes with her friends to support them. She hates all forms of exercise, unless you consider shopping exercise, which Carrie Bradshaw might. And I might have to agree.

6. Can wear heels and not be taller than or as tall as a guy.

For taller girls or any girls over the height of 5'5," you all know the struggle. You want to wear those five inch heels but that makes you 5'10," or maybe even taller! Carrie is lucky enough to be short so she can wear those five inch heels and still be at least five inches shorter than any man she's gone on a date with.

7. Makes her own work schedule.

Because she is a writer Carrie makes her own schedule. She doesn't have to write every day if she doesn't want to or she can if she wants. She can do whatever she wants, even work from home, as long as she makes her deadline.

8. Looks amazing in anything.

Carrie could pull off a potato sack and would still look fabulous. Throughout the series she had some pretty interesting outfits but she looked amazing in everything she wore.

9. Natural Beauty.

Carrie Bradshaw never filled in her eyebrows. She kept her hair naturally curly for 80 percent of the 'Sex and the City' series. She almost never wears eyeliner. And she is still beautiful. She is an inspiration to girls to show that they don't need to hide behind makeup to be beautiful.