This week, "American Idol" came back on ABC after a hiatus. However, with so many singing shows on TV, this is the last thing I need. While I obviously am watching, there are so many other shows I wish came back instead. Here is my list!

1. "Gossip Girl"

I miss "Gossip Girl" each and every day. I want to see Blair and Serena probably divorced with kids running around New York City. Can we please campaign to get "Gossip Girl" back? Asking for a friend!

2. "The OC"

Ryan and Seth's relationship is literally one to beat. I am obsessed with both of them and wish that this show was still on. I just need to know exactly where Seth is at this moment much more than watching Katy Perry give someone a golden ticket with her toe...

3. "Recovery Road"

"Recovery Road" is an ABC T.V. show that only went on for a season but it was actually incredible. "Recovery Road" was about a teenage girl living in a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. I am beyond obsessed with it and genuinely curious to see where all the characters are right now and maybe just have one more season... please!

4. "Parks and Rec"

Dear anyone who is in charge of bringing back TV shows... WHY "AMERICAN IDOL" WHEN YOU COULD BRING BACK "PARKS AND REC"! This show is fantastic and if you haven't seen the show please watch! It is hilarious and just something that I need back in my life.

5. "Hart of Dixie"

"Hart of Dixie" is forever one of my favorite shows. It follows Zoe Hart, who I aspire to be, and her life in a very small town. It's about love, self-identity, and just the most amazing thing that has ever come to TV. Please stop "American Idol" and bring this back instead!