I Am An American and I Am Boycotting America's Birthday
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I Am An American and I Am Boycotting America's Birthday

It's hard to celebrate freedom when so many people in this country aren't free at all.

I Am An American and I Am Boycotting America's Birthday
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I know that to a lot of people that this might seem Un-American. But it is just impossible for me to celebrate America's birthday and be a proud American with so much hate and horrible events happening in this country and so many people not batting an eye or doing anything to stop it. I'm sick of the greed. I'm sick of the hate and I'm sick of bigotry. I am boycotting America's birthday and if that makes me Un-American, than so be it.

This is supposed to be a country of freedom. This is supposed to be a country of acceptance and happiness but lately it is quite the opposite. We have millions of people supporting a racist, misogynist, bigot for President. Someone who hates Mexicans, Muslims and anyone who isn't form this country, yet fails to realize that originally none of us were. Someone who wants to take charge of a woman's body. Someone who makes fun of the mentally handicapped and insults war veterans. The fact that so many are supporting him and that he is the Republican nominee makes me sick.

We have people who think that their right to own a gun is more important than the rights of people everywhere to LIVE. People that would rather have their precious guns protected, than have people's lives protected. News flash: It is more important to live than to have a freaking gun.

We had a horrible tragedy in Orlando where 50 LGTBQ people were shot and killed. We had millions stand together to pray for them and saying rest in peace but now, not even a month later, we have a "heterosexual pride" hashtag trending on Twitter.

We have horrible examples of white male privilege being alive and well, yet people still choose to keep themselves ignorant of the fact. Brock Turner was convicted of RAPING an unconscious woman behind a dumpster but was sentenced to only six months in jail because the judge Aaron Persky, decided that jail would have a "severe impact on him". What about the severe impact that the woman felt by being RAPED?!

We have had our right to vote suppressed and stripped from us by faulty machines, Election Fraud and down right corruption and disregard for what the American people want. Making sure a person who is under FBI investigation to be guaranteed a win when a large amount of the population did not vote for her.

A woman's right to have a safe and legal abortion has been taken away in a few states and has been made VERY difficult in others. which basically says we are not allowed to be in control of our own bodies.

So you see America, you are supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. A land of prosperity and opportunities. But currently, right now this land is anything but. That's why this Fourth of July I will be boycotting America's birthday. I am not a proud american. I do not feel that I can support a country that is so backwards and so broken that we allow all these horrible things to happen. Hopefully next year you can get your act together.


A deeply saddened citizen

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