America In An Age Of Sakoku
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America In An Age Of Sakoku

Why Are Issues Related to Foreign Policy Not Being Taken as Serious as They Should Be

America In An Age Of Sakoku
The Washington Post

For much of its existence, America has had an open door policy when it comes to trade, immigration and basically everything else. As we developed other nations, we neglected a great deal of internal problems, but President Donald Trump’s commitment to “an America first/America only” idea of foreign policy is going to be a bigger failure than any sitcom that premiered this season.

One major problem with this stagy is that America has spent every second since World War II trying to bring peace and harmony to a world where a person’s beliefs are what prohibit any form of reasoning. Meanwhile, at home, our founding documents were concurrently used to prohibit an entire ethnicity of people from being treated as equals.

During any global history class, people may have learned that Japan, until the United States intervened was in a period of isolationism, but the more accurate term is sakoku. This is a Japanese term that means closed country. Making America great again is something that this President has dedicated these four years towards doing, but entering an age of sakoku to do so is not the way to go about it.

One primary reason for this is a mass communication theory called the global village, which means the gaps are being bribed which means the we go from the world to a village. At this point we are still shrinking but are only at the status of a country and the idea of a village isn’t that far away.

With telecommunications being so advanced that we receive tomorrow’s news yesterday, we have become entangled in the history of countries to a point where there is no going back. equally, we have managed to put countries at an arm’s ;length where they continuously come towards us. By this, I’m referring to the” Second Cold War” that America is slowly entering with the North Korea.

The summertime wasn’t the only thing that managed too heat up as tweets from President Trump kept tweeting about how he attempted to end North Korean efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. However, his tweets have been understood to be a declaration of war, but this is just one of several major facets in the flawed ideals of Trump’s foreign policy.

Does anyone remember when Detroit was the capital of the automotive industry? I don’t because I’m too young, but I have lived through an entire presidency and a few months of how we are going to get it back to the United States. American unions have for years been demanding fair working conditions for all workers.

That can’t happen, however, because America’s trying to slowly but sure;y make sure that every country in the world knows that we just decided to be selfish, and consider our best interest, even though this is usually what’s at stake for trade policies. America the superpower has become Superman under the influence of kryptonite.

When it comes to issues of dealing internally on matter so foreign relations, we have no say in that matter because over 195 nations are over importance to the politicians, working in The Capitol and The White House. Foreign policy has become the butt of every joke on late night television. in reality, we really can’t afford to mix fear and comedy because more often than not people can’t read sarcasm.

The series, The West Wing, a prolific series that focuses on the eternal goings on of The White House, has a quote that really nails the emotions of the country surrounding the treat of North Korea. Leo McGarry, the chief of staff for the fictional President Bartlett said, “I think the world invented a nuclear weapon. I think the world owes it to itself to see if it can't invent something to make it irrelevant.”

More often than not credible threats can’t be dealt with on social media as if we are an angry kid who’s not willing to be labeled as the bully he is. Isolationism is a foreign policy idea that hasn’t been used since the mid 1800's, however, with the way this country is going, we just might turn back the clock to that time period soon than we think.

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