What I Learned At The Alpha Gam Conference
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What I Learned At The Alpha Gam Conference

What I Learned At The Alpha Gam Conference

Greek life is more than just social. So what does it mean to you?

Every summer Greek reunion gives every student in Greek life the chance to unite, catch up and most importantly party. Having gone last summer, I was upset that Alpha Gamma Delta’s International Convention was the same weekend. I considered lying to Internationals so I can go to Greek Reunion. I thought, “Summer school is Monday through Thursday, but I could say it’s until Friday. Then I would miss three of the five days, and it wouldn’t be worth the travel to Indianapolis for the convention.” Having this dilemma, I turned to my mom for advice. She didn’t give me an option and told me I was going to Indianapolis and that it would be wrong to not go. That being said, I bought my bus ticket and arrived to the convention two days late.

My first day at the convention, we met in a large conference room. I as amazed… every person in that room was an Alpha Gam like me. About 100 chapters were represented, totaling to about 650 active members plus the alum. I introduced myself to those around me and made new friends from Utah, Alabama and Indiana. After getting to know one another and learning about each other’s chapter, I realized that each chapter is unique and run slightly differently. This was especially highlighted during our workshops, but it was very helpful to listen to everyone’s opinions. I learned about each person’s struggles and how they overcame them. I learned how to better the chapter membership as a whole. I learned how to fill out certain forms. I learned how to deal with uncomfortable situations and confrontations. I learned how to better my recruitment skills. But more important than the new skills I was gaining, I learned that Alpha Gamma Delta was a large part of who I am. 

This convention sparked many realizations and made my love for Alpha Gamma Delta grow even more. I reflected, “Why AGD? What stood out? What made it so special to me? And what have I gained as a member?” Each night lying in bed with my eyes closed, these questions ran through my head. I realized that I wasn’t missing out on Greek Reunion and that I clearly cared more about this chapter than I had first believed. I was gaining so much more by attending this convention. First off, I wasn’t losing any brain cells from drinking. Instead I was learning how to improve the chapter I love and how it was simultaneously improving who I was. 

Next time someone asks me why I love Alpha Gamma Delta and what it means to me, I’ll know how to respond and pinpoint my three favorite aspects:   

It’s the sisterhood. I didn’t buy my friends. We all joined this women’s fraternity due to similar personalities and passions. We have found our niche and within that niche we have found another family. I know that any one of my sisters have my back and will drop what they are doing if I need them. I have made my closest best friends through AGD and know that we will continue our friendship and sisterhood after graduating. These fine ladies are my support group and know me inside out. It may be cliché to say, but I wouldn’t doubt if my future bridesmaids were AGDs. 

It’s the service and philanthropy. Every Alpha Gam lives by the phrase ‘Inspire the woman, impact the world.’ Through AGD I have raised money for diabetes education and awareness.  Before my grandma passed away, she was diagnosed with diabetes so being able to contribute to this philanthropy was also very personal to me. Alpha Gamma Delta is very involved and participates in many philanthropies and service events. Each year I am more amazed by the commitment of the Greek community when we all come together and give our time to give a helping hand and to raise money and awareness. In the past two years I have personally contributed to at least ten different causes and have participated in about five service events. It is important that each member is well rounded and remembers that Greek life is committed to making the world a better place. 

It’s the leadership opportunities. As a freshman, I immediately submerged myself into AGD and ran for banner chair. I didn’t know if I was ready to be a leader, but still wanted to contribute in some way. Realizing that I thrived on involvement, I decided I wanted to run for a more serious position when elections came. The current VP of Member Development approached me and urged me to run because she saw the potential in me; I was already involved with the new members, always facilitated inter pledge class bonding, attended many sisterhood events and just genuinely cared about each member. I ran for this executive position and was elected the new VPMD. I was honored, nervous and excited all at once. I was determined to make a difference, to impact the lives of Alpha Gamma Delta. While doing so, I realized that each ceremony and each member were also impacting me as a leader. I learned how to deal with and resolve uncomfortable confrontations. I learned that there is no ‘I’ in team and that cooperation and working together can be very difficult. I learned how to control my power and stay within my boundaries. I learned to voice my opinion. I have become a stronger leader in just one semester. I can only imagine what next year has in store for me.

It was an honor to attend the Alpha Gamma Delta International Convention for it opened my eyes a little more and made me realize how blessed I am to be a part of this organization. My advice to all students in Greek life, reflect as to what you find special about your fraternity or sorority and ask yourself how you are making an impact on it and how it has impacted you. And to all incoming freshmen going through formal recruitment, think about what each sorority or fraternity has to offer. Don’t follow your friends, follow your heart and you’ll find the perfect chapter. And remember, it’s not all about the parties; it’s about you and your impact on the world.

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