4 Things To Do If You’re Alone
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4 Things To Do This Summer If You’re A Loner Like Me

I enjoy my time alone more than I’d like to admit.

4 Things To Do This Summer If You’re A Loner Like Me

It's no lie when I say that you are the best company you can offer yourself.

Instead of being that destructive, harming person you often think you are, you can find that seeing yourself in a different, more positive way, will bring you more happiness.

One of the many things we need to tackle in life is to accept and live ourselves. I had to learn it in an ugly way, but — HEY!

I did it!

I've found ways to entertain myself to the point where countless hours can pass and I do not fee bothered for not having interacted with other people. Sure, I still text my friends here and there, but time varies tor how long I sometimes lag.

1. Read a book


Perhaps one of my favorite things to do when I’m by myself. I always carry a book in my backpack to read whenever I can find a time where other matters aren’t pressing on me.

There’s nothing better than plunging into a different world and exploring new cultures, new point of views in life.

Reading doesn’t necessarily need to be for the purpose of learning, but it could be a fun activity to do when all you have is yourself and your hands.

2. Watch a show or movie


Another way to easily kill time. If you worry that your loneliness will drive you insane, try to distract yourself.

In my opinion, shows and movies have this innovative way of capturing our attention, and all that matters is what is currently happening on the screen and what could possibly happen next.

There’s comedy, romance, crime, horror — many genres to pick on. So many options to watch.

(I recommend you watch GLOW on netflix. Women wrestling set in the 80s. A. Master. Piece.)

3. Write


There’s this complacent feeling you get when you manage to release that maelstrom of thoughts ravaging in your head, however ugly or nice those thoughts are.

If your mind is one that never shuts up, you can give it other purposes to accomplish. Many times, when we have nothing to do, our mind can begin racing and creating different scenarios.

Believe it or not, I think we all have enough creativity to create our own stories. They don’t necessarily need to be full novels. But journal entries, short stories, essays — ARTICLES.

4. Exercise


Now now, we don’t always need a gym membership to get some muscle and brawn.

There are sets of exercises you can do by yourself at your home in the living room.

You could go for a jog. Or just for a walk. The weather has been so pretty lately, that my walks tend to be the best part of the day.

I hope that this list somewhat eases what you are currently considering a dull summer because you've been enclosed by the four walls of your room. Even alone, there is still a whole world outside that you can enjoy yourself.

Don't let yourself stop you from having fun.

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