Ah, spring. The best time of the year. The flowers are blooming, the end of the semester is approaching, and heavy winter jackets and boots are being replaced by t-shirts and sneakers. But what goes hand in hand with lovely spring is the dreaded allergy season and all of its burdens.

1. When your friends ask how you're doing

2. And unsuccessfully attempt to get you to go out with them

3. You remember that although your allergies are keeping you down, you have to work and actually be a functioning human

4. And all of your other responsibilities still exist, even when you feel like this

5. Making it to class, reluctantly

6. Then sneezing about 4 times while it's dead silent

7. And your itchy eyes refuse to stop watering

8. Followed by trying to find out which nostril you can actually breathe out of

9. But you finally find the perfect allergy medication

10. And although you've been able to put up with allergy season, it doesn't mean you're happy while it's around