Have you ever been going throughout life and wished for something to happen? I'm sure you have. Whether it be a free lunch or a trip you always dreamed of, there has to be at least one thing on your "dream list." It makes me think, what if all of the things on my "dream list" came true? What if I no longer had medical issues? What if I was two inches taller? What if I lived somewhere else? You get the point.

I wonder what our world would be like if everything we ever wished for came true. I can only hope life would be good, but I doubt it would be. Just think about it. All of those silly "I wish I was 7 feet tall!" "I wish I had *this or that*!" What if one day, you had all of those things?

For me, I don't think life would be better. I don't think everything would be so much greater. I don't think all of my worries would go away. I wonder if people would be happier, though. If they all of a sudden got everything they've ever wanted. We complain so much. So, what would our world look like if we had all that we've wanted?

I don't think I actually need to have an endless amount of tacos or cookies. I just don't.

As I think back to some of my childhood wishes, I am laughing. I wished for things like the cute boy in my class. I wished for things like going to Disney World. I wished for things like my "dream job." I no longer want that "dream job" or boy in my class. My childhood dreams are not wanted I want anymore, and if they all came true — I don't know if I would enjoy it.

I was talking to some of my friends, and I asked them this question. Their responses were, "My life would be a mess." and "I don't want to marry Ethan Craft anymore." We came to the conclusion that life would probably suck if all of our wishes come true. Sure, at one point it might have been nice or fun, but looking back it would've ended in disaster.

As I think about my wishes, I'm glad some of them never came true. It makes me wonder who I would be if some of my insane wishes came true. I wonder what my friendships would be like. I wonder if I would enjoy life as I do now. I wonder if I would be a totally different person. I don't know.

I'm beyond glad some of my wishes never came true. I actually love my life the way it is. I don't need to have everything I want. Life is good without it. Yes, I wonder what life would be like, but I am also okay without knowing. I'm sure it would be a disaster.