Why Summer Jobs Aren't The Worst Thing In The World

Since being a high schooler, summer has always meant it was time to work. It may seem like having a summer job is sad, but it is so worth it. Working over the summer can help you have financial freedom and give you something to do if you have no travel or school plans. I had about a week of free time at home after moving out of my dorm, and it was surprisingly... miserable. I was so bored every day. After the third day, I began to get cabin fever. I was honestly considering not getting a job this summer, but after that week alone at my house, I knew I would be antsy and bored all summer long.

At first, I had no clue how I was going to get a job. I hadn't heard of any job openings around and was convinced that every business had already hired their summer employees. After searching online, I couldn't find any jobs I was interested in. I was beginning to feel discouraged. I finally decided on going about it the old fashioned way.

After scrounging around my house for resume paper, I printed off six copies of my resume. I was determined to go find a job myself. I spent the day driving around my town looking for "now hiring" signs, and luckily, I found one. I walked in, gave the owners my resume, and got the job. It was surprisingly easy, all it took was initiative.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you want it: go for it. I spent so much time contemplating getting a job, worrying about not being able to find one, or being rejected, when in actuality it wasn't that difficult. All I had to do was go for it, and when I did everything worked out. I am so glad I went out that day instead of staying home another day overthinking it. If you don't have any plans this summer, go get a job! Who doesn't want their own hard earned money and a sense of accomplishment? You'll also make new friends and meet new people! A summer job is definitely worth it.

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