Albums You Should Already Be Listening To
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Albums You Should Already Be Listening To

Get ready to jam, folks.

Albums You Should Already Be Listening To

Stop what you are doing right now and add these bad boys to your Spotify. These albums have changed my life, and I do not mean that lightly. If you give these a listen through, be prepared for an array of emotions you have never experienced before. Some of these may definitely be a middle school throwback but who cares? So, ladies and gentleman, plug in that AUX cord, turn your stereo up and make sure you are buckled in. Also, make sure you have room on your phone for more music because that is a struggle I often face.

1. "Communion" by Years & Years

First off, let us just take a second to be in full awe and wonder of Olly Alexander’s voice. I swear it is like every magical forest nymph singing in my ears. Not to mention he is just one of the most precious humans in general. This album will satisfy every lust and desire you didn’t even know you had with its indie electronic beats and sweet melodies.

2. "Halcyon" by Ellie Goulding

If you know anything about me, you know Ellie Goulding is the love of my life. I have seen her twice in concert and cried a minimum of five times each concert. Not only is she the ultimate bad b****, she is also insanely talented, driven, beautiful and kind. This album was an impulse buy and the best one I have ever made. A lot of these songs hit deep but in all the right places. Get ready to cry and tear up pictures of every man that has done you wrong.

3. The 1975's self-titled debut album

The 1975’s music has been described to me as a young man’s “wet dream.” As much as I don’t want this illustration, we now share it, and it is true. Not only does this band have such a mysterious aura, every live performance they give is nothing short of a spiritual experience. There are several instrumental tracks on this album, but I really think it adds to the overall aesthetic. You will feel like a total Tumblr chick/dude listening to this album, but really, it is amazing. They are such talented musicians.

4. "Put Up or Shut Up" by All Time Low

Before you all start giving me crap about how All Time Low is such a “middle school band,” you all can shut your mouths. All Time Low is still my favorite band in the whole world and this first album of theirs is a masterpiece. I was totally one of those emotional, angsty kids listening to this a few years back but a lot of it all really makes sense now that I have grown older. The lyrics are amazing and it’s a classic. Case closed.

5. "Black & White" by The Maine

Here is another glorious throwback for you all! The Maine has been another one of my favorite bands for years, and no one can deny the jams in this album. You’ll be bopping your head and singing along in no time. My inner rockstar comes out during “Right Girl.” While you are at it, check out their newest album, "American Candy." (Also, if you ever get the chance to see them live, take it. They are so interactive and upbeat.)

6. "Treehouse" by I See Stars

This album is the newest one on the list, and I still haven’t stopped rocking out to it. If you like something a little hard with an electronic influence, give this one a listen. Devin, the lead singer, has a unique voice and a great range with vocals. Looking back at their past albums, it is amazing to look at the leap they took for this one. Luke Holland, the drummer for The Word Alive and a total babe, played drums in the studio for this album and added a lot of groovy twists.

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