Albums That You Should Be Listening To

Albums That You Should Be Listening To

A list of albums that everyone should have in their playlist.

The 1975: I Like it When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

Everybody's playlist should include The 1975's second album which features what just might be the longest album title in history, "I Like it When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It." This album brings a brand new sound to the term "POP." The first single off the album titled "Love Me" gives you a weird, science vibe in a twenty-first century music industry. Frontman, Matt Healy knows exactly how to push the limits lyrically and really get people talking. Healy recently stated that everyone song he writes he asks himself rather or not he believes it. The songs on this album are vulnerable and emotional with a brand new sound. Everyone should give this album a listen.

Anderson East: "Delilah"

Anderson East is a name that you may have seen come up on your TMZ notifications recently because of the fact he is Miranda Lambert's new beau, but he is so much more than that. His debut album "Delilah" deserves to be at the top of the billboards because of the rich authentic sound it has. Songs like "Devil In Me" and "What A Woman Wants To Hear" bring back the old soul feeling that music should have.


South Carolina's native band NEEDTOBREATHE are back with a brand new album titled H A R D L O V E. This album kept the sound that they are known for but also threw in a new spin on some of the songs and tested the waters. They are well known for their songs about their faith and beliefs and this album is full of them.

Maren Morris: "Hero"

If you've been waiting on an authentic female country artist to burst into the scene with truthful song lyrics and good music, I have good news for you. Maren Morris first album "Hero" has made major headway in the country music world. She has a new song with Dierks Bentley and is currently touring with Keith Urban. Start listening to her now because she is about to blow up on the scene.


You may have heard KALEO's new song "Way Down We Go" playing through your car speakers recently because it has really taken off on the radio. This album is a good mix between rock and alternative and anybody would fall in love with it. I get the feeling that these guys are going to be a big deal soon so check them out while you can.

Bear's Den: "Red Earth and Pouring Rain"

This new album fills all of those holes you have in your heart from missing the days when good 80's music came out. To some people, this might sound like regular rock music but to most it's a trip back in time to good eighties soul music. Everyone needs to add this album to their playlist right now.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

An ode to the little girl raised to be insecure.


They raise little girls to be insecure

Little girls grow to be big girls

People always ask big girls why they're so insecure

Big girls aren't quite sure

Day after day the big girl can't keep up

She's exhausted

Her soul feels worn

The big girl learns to grow hard

In a way, she's a bit stronger

People call her a bitch


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Hoping that one day

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