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I was lucky to be able to communicate with the musicians from the group Wild Cards who are releasing some new music this week, and ask them a few questions that any fan would love to know the answers to! As a big fan myself, I was so excited to get to hear back from them, and they did not disappoint!

A new up-and-coming music group, Wild Cards is a duo you're going to want to watch out for! After getting their start on Soundcloud, Kevin (24) and Krystian (22) won Remix of the Year at the 2019 Remix Awards for their remix of Khalid & Normani's "Love Lies!" This year, they've got two release dates! Get ready, because on April 25 Wild Cards will be releasing their newest original song!

On April 25, they will be dropping their single "Wild Ones," featuring Emily Brimlow, and in May, they'll be releasing another song, the details of which are still secret.

These guys are really chill and easygoing and love to have fun doing what they do best: making music. Even though they're just getting started, there's lots of new music you have to look forward to coming from them with some other incredibly talented artists!

Many musicians take inspirations from those that came before them, and Wild Cards is no exception! They look up to some of the greats in EDM and house music, like The Chainsmokers and Avicii. Some other groups that have inspired them are Illenium, Audien, and Alesso. As far as their own genre, they don't want to restrict themselves to any single genre. They would describe their sound as "future bass meets progressive house."

"As musicians, we just want to make people feel and for them to be able to use our music to connect them with their memories."

Their new songs are both singles, and they both have fun and beautiful messages and feelings behind them. They described "Wild Ones" as about "being free-spirited and following your heart." It has a message of being true to your innermost self and not conforming to society's expectations.

As difficult of a question it must be to answer for any artist, I had to ask: What's your favorite song out of your own music? Kevin and Krystian's favorite original song is "Lost Time," since they really enjoyed the time it took to create and put it out, and because they both really enjoyed working with Ben, a member of Exede. Their favorite remix of theirs is "Numb" by Linkin Park because it was "one of the most fun, energetic remixes we have put out!"

And finally, if you're a music merch fiend like me or you need to get some merch after falling in love with Wild Cards after reading this and listening to their music, then get excited! They just recently got in samples for male and female merch and are hoping to release it at the end of the summer, but no promises. Stay posted by keeping up with them on social media, either on their Instagram or Twitter! Once it becomes available they'll be posting and sharing about it on their social media, and it'll be available for purchase on their website!
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