I Found My Next Pregame Album: Guin Records' "Uncharted"

I Found My Next Pregame Album: Guin Records' "Uncharted"

My friend and I listened to some new songs that we think people should know about.


This weekend as we got ready for a night out on the town, my friend introduced me to some new songs that have a production story equally impressive as the songs themselves. The songs were created by independent young artists and produced by fellow college students!


Born out of hours spent in a college dorm room listening to underground artists on Soundcloud and YouTube (can't say I'm not guilty of this either), Guin Records co-founder Milan Kordestani teamed up with his sister, Misha, to forge a sibling venture that combines his business acumen with her artistic vision. I love stories like this from people my age. The brother-sister duo shares a unifying and relatable ideal: Music creation and promotion are based on teamwork, which is integral to discovering new talent. Now Guin Records is a fully operational, U.S.-based independent record label that provides undiscovered young artists access to first-rate production, promotion, and distribution.

The label maked its initial mark in the urban music industry, with its debut hip-hop album "Uncharted" dropping on iTunes and Spotify on July 1st. A watershed milestone for the label, it features a collection of over 14 artists, each track providing an auditory vignette of assorted emcees determined to make a name for themselves.

Guin Records' ambitions are evident in the three singles—"Wave" by Prospectz Nation, "One of Us" by Prophecy and "Still Doin' It" by Surve—released in the weeks leading up to "Uncharted." As my friend and I got ready for the night putting on our lipstick and such, we couldn't help but get down to these catchy songs.

"Wave" begins with some hypnotic, washed out vocals that's quickly subdued by alternating bursts of shimmering synths and punchy baselines, peppered with some opportune spurts of horns to give this smoker's anthem a healthy taste of jazzy flair. Breezy, yet thumping, "Wave" could easily find itself situated in a Majestic Casual or on a summer-themed Spotify playlist. It's almost tailor-made to transcend you into a hazy, sun-tinged daze.

A similar carousel feeling is all over "One of Us." It's the banger of the bunch, the beat mixing an airy, pitched-up vocal loop with throbs of bass pulsating throughout the track, giving it a wistful bite. Prophecy fancies himself as the Mafioso-type, and the images he evokes are well-worn, even if it works off an almost lunatic script, claiming he doesn't "need a hat to know [he's] supreme" and that he's "focused on all this green." With its repetitive hook, wild energy, and tight rhymes, "One of Us" has this lingering dark and ominous swagger, almost like Prophecy has this intuitive sense that he will command the attention of whatever room he steps into. He tells the listener to "run it up," and perhaps we should heed that advice. It is a great addition to my pregame playlist.


Of the three singles, "Still Doin' It" is the most rooted in traditional hip-hop. The track is sparse, mellow, low-key, but laced with additional instrumental flourishes, separate melodies in the form of piano keys and picked the guitar to give it a '90s East Coast vibe. Surve's flow is ferocious and unrelenting, gritty but emotional. The cover art's allusion to Sisyphus approximates the song's message "Still do it for the realest, still mixin' lyrics in the lab like a chemist." His verses feel like he's giving it all just to get out of the booth and crank out some more tracks. One may think Yigil's feature could slow Surve's momentum, but the hustle doesn't prove to be zero-sum, it's only invigorated. While the former two singles concern themselves with the you only live once kind of party mentality, "Still Doin' It" is a reminder that the grind to the top continues the day after. It provides an uplifting, motivational compliment to the sun-kissed "Wave" and the shadowy "One of Us," almost like each song was specifically curated to be the ideal backdrops to your morning, afternoon and night.

Where all three tracks differ in ambiance, they are united by the braggadocio that comes with an emcee trying to make a name for themselves. If these three tracks are only a sampling of what's to come, then "Uncharted" is shaping up to be a worthwhile listen. My friend and I enjoyed them and will continue to root for these young artists.

Cover Image Credit: Guin Records

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Your Decision To Attempt Suicide Affected Me

I am so glad that you are still here, mom.


Alright, I'm going to start by giving you some background. This is going to get personal to my life quickly. My mom has had cancer five times since I have been ten years old. It has all been breast cancer, but it metastasized to other organs and her spine. When I was little I didn't really know what was going on all the time with her treatments or her condition. As I got older I still didn't know much, my mom and dad kept things quiet and didn't really talk about things much, if at all. Whenever my mom would go into the hospital, my family never really told me, I just assumed, if I didn't see her for a day that is where she was. My family kept me in the dark about a lot of things concerning my mom's health and treatments. Even when I did ask things they would just give me general answers and not give me any details or specifics.

My mom had been in the hospital all the time, sometimes for weeks at a time. Once when she was in the hospital it was different though. Something seemed off about how my dad was acting. He told me that my mom didn't have her phone, which was unlike every other time that my mom had been in the hospital. My dad also told me that I couldn't call her or get a hold of her, which I thought was weird; but didn't question it because my dad told me it, and I was always taught not to question my dad.

A few months went by and I got to the low point of my life and ended up in the ER and then the mental hospital. While in the mental hospital my mom and dad came to see me one day during visiting hours and I learned that my mom had been in a mental hospital the time that she wasn't allowed to have her phone and I had no way of contacting her.

My mom and dad later told me that my mom was in the mental hospital because she had tried to kill herself, by overdosing on her pain medication because the pain had become way too much for her to bare.

Learning of this affected me in so many ways. I grew more aware of how bad my mom was. I also learned that me and my mom are more alike than I thought. I learned to treasure my mom more and check up on her more to see how she is doing and to see if she needs anything. My mom's attempt to commit suicide because of the pain made me cherish the time that I have with her now even more than I did before. My parents not telling me about this until months after it happened made me mad for a while, but I couldn't stay mad at my mom for too long because of what she had gone through.

I am so glad that my mom's attempt to commit suicide didn't work and that she is still a part of my life.

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10 Essential Food Tips For Anyone Struggling Without A Meal Plan

They're game changers!


To all the college students living on their own for the first time and didn't pay enough attention when their parents tried to teach them to cook. This one's for you.

1. Breakfast Bars


Invest in a LARGE Costco pack. They're great for breakfast on the go, or a quick burst of energy to hold you between lunch and dinner.

2. Chunky Soup


Normal chicken noodle or ramen leaves me hungry again in less than an hour. Instead, pick out heartier soups which are more filling and include vegetables in their brews.

3. Cheap Acai Bowls


If you're on a budget but are still craving acai, skip the chic instagramable vegan cafe and take a walk over to you're local bodega. If they have a smoothie station, they'll probably be able to make you a cheaper, but still very filling, acai bowl.

4. Pre-made Rice Packets


Buying single servings of pre-made rice are amazing for making quick dinners! I get the one's that come with quinoa mixed it.

5. Bring Your Soda


On campus, a bottle of soda can cost anywhere from $2- $3. You can purchase a 12 pack at CVS for around $5. Do the math!

6. Reusable Water Bottles


Not only is this purchase good for the environment but it also saves a ton of money. Plus there are typically filtered water filling stations all over campus.

7. Egg


Boring but so versatile. You can make so many dishes with egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner and a dozen cost about $4.

8. Pasta


Pasta is sooooooooooooo cheap. You can get a box for around $3 and it makes an entire week's worth of lunches.

9. Nutella


Nutella is my happy food, sad food, celebration food and comfort food. It's just a must.

10. Spinach 


Ewwwww vegetables, but lets be honest, we kinda need these nutrients. What I like about spinach is you can add it to almost any hot meal and it works. Throw it in you're pasta, sandwich, omelet or whatever to add some heath to your diet. I mean if it's good enough for Popeye it can't be all bad.

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