200 Years of Alabama, and a Guide to Seeing the Oldest Sites in the State
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200 Years Of Alabama And A Guide To Seeing The Oldest Sites In The State

You may have lived in Alabama for your whole life, but chances are you haven’t seen all the state has to offer. Or, maybe you’re passing through from somewhere else and would like to see what 200 years of progress looks like in Alabama.

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Alabama's 200th birthday is in December 2019. To celebrate the state's bicentennial, the state released these $10 PastPort books which can be found at certain historical and important landmarks throughout the state or purchased online.

The Alabama 200 PastPort books are filled with hundreds of historical locations throughout the state, making sure to include at least one in each county. At each location, travelers may ask to get their book stamped. Stamps are unique to their location, giving the name of the county. There are stops fit for everyone's taste- civil rights landmarks, covered bridges, famous birthplaces, and Native American grounds are just a few examples.

In addition to the small paperback Alabama 200 PastPort book, there is also an Alabama 200 PastPort app. The app provides even more historical locations that can be found en route to one's listed in the book, and GPS directions to each location.

As part of the bicentennial celebration, Governor Kay Ivey named 200 schools as Alabama bicentennial schools, and the schools were assigned a project in which they documented the history of their town, made art relating to their town, or creatively showcased the beauty within Alabama. Additionally, the schools also received a $2,000 grant. After submitting their projects in August, three schools from each congressional district will be named Alabama Bicentennial Schools of Excellence, and those 21 schools will participate in commemoration celebrations in the state's capital of Montgomery. By naming these schools Alabama 200 schools and giving them these projects, Ivey hopes to strengthen the relationship between campuses and communities.

On the Alabama 200 website, you'll find Alabamian fun for all ages. Just like how many local libraries host a summer reading program, the Alabama 200 website also provides a summer reading list for young children, all by native authors. You'll also find plenty of locally owned, small business eateries to feed your cravings on your journey while you are working on getting every page of your PastPort book stamped.

The Alabama bicentennial celebration website also lists community events held in each county, whether the events have to do with the bicentennial or not. These range from modern art displays of historical roads to Native American celebrations of culture, as well as civil rights educational presentations and visits from meteorologist James Spann to university campuses.

Check out the resources provided by the Alabama Bicentennial website, and get involved in your community! As you travel the state, take in the beauty of all the nature our state has to offer and appreciate our state parks and nature reserves. Travel back in time and appreciate the power of change. Appreciate our hometown businesses that make Alabama worthy of 200 years of statehood.

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