Alabama first pro life amendment

Ever since I was able to comprehend pregnancy and the idea of an unborn human in a mother's belly, I shortly after was also aware of and able to comprehend abortion and the complete disrespect of a voiceless human. I've walked in many pro-life marches all over the country. I've written college essays on the necessity of the common dignity of human life and the need for an end to abortion. I've written more than one article on abortion and pro-choice vs. pro-life. It's a topic that I don't hesitate to speak on. Yet it's also a topic I thought I would have to speak on my whole life. I never thought I'd actually be able to change any rules or regulations on abortion.

Yet here I am, 15 years into standing up for the unborn, a 21 year old in a small college town in Alabama, with a chance to change something very serious and very important. We've been fighting the battle between life and choice since Roe v. Wade, but on November 6th, 2018 in the state of Alabama, Amendment 2 will be on the ballot offering an end to abortions in the state of Alabama. If you mark "yes," you state that you defend life and you refuse to support or fund abortions. You stand for the voiceless and the nameless. You stand for life and the basic dignity and respect it deserves. If the vote is over 51% "yes," then Alabama would become the first state to have a pro-life amendment on their state constitution.

All it takes is one. One person, one vote, and one state. You have the chance to partake in the changing of history and in the changing of the way our society views and treats our own humankind, our own children. This is not something to be taken lightly. The voting that takes place on November 6th is ultimately a voting between life or choice. Life or commodity. Life or selfishness. What are you going to choose?

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