Let's Face It, Jim Harbaugh And Michigan Aren't Even Close To Alabama

To put it plain and simple Michigan's loss to Ohio State was one of the most embarrassing performances I've ever seen from a top-five team. All season long everyone was talking about how this was the year Jim Harbaugh and Michigan finally break through into the College Football Playoff. How this year was Harbaughs most talented team and how they had the best defense in the country. And all of these claims were thrown in a blender and flushed down the toilet after OU absolutely beat the breaks off them 62-39.

I just hope that after that game everyone can realize that Harbaugh and Michigan aren't the powerhouses that everyone fools themselves to believe. That's not to say that it's a bad program or that he's a bad coach. Michigan is much better off now than they were five years ago, but the idea that by just having Harbaugh on your sidelines justifies you as one of the big players for the playoff is preposterous. In order to be considered among the best you have to produce and to a certain degree, he hasn't.

Since Harbaugh arrived in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines have gone 38-13, pretty good right? But the most important record is his 0-4 record against the Buckeyes which is the biggest thing holding him back. In order to contend for a championship, you have to literally beat your rivals. Maybe not every season but you've got to at least split with them. Instead, Michigan is 1-14 in the last 15 meetings against Ohio State. Maybe you didn't hear me. THEY ARE 1-14 AGAINST OHIO STATE IN THE LAST 15 YEARS. That's bad. The last time the Wolverines won OU was 6-7 and still only lost by 5 points.

Maybe the reason why Michigan was able to fool us this year was that the Big 10 just wasn't that great this year. Penn State was a one-man show, Michigan States quarterback threw like he had no thumbs, Wisconsin stunk and then Ohio State had a zillion interior issues along with a bad defense. Then there was Michigan, a team with a below average offense and a defense that stat padded against crappy offenses.

Another thing people like to leave out when talking about Michigan this season was their loss to Notre Dame in the first game of the year. Sure the Fighting Irish have gone on to have an undefeated season and have basically clinched a spot in the playoff. But I'd argue that every game Notre Dame played made Michigan look worse and worse. They struggled against teams like Ball State, Vanderbilt, Pitt, Northwestern and USC. All of which have had average seasons at best. And the worst part of it all, Notre Dame had beaten Michigan while essentially playing their backup quarterback who could barely throw.

In my opinion, Michigan and its fans need to seriously readjust their expectations for its football team. They haven't been truly relevant since the '90s and that was like 4 coaches ago. If you couldn't win the Big 10 this season when Ohio State was at its weakest, then it may never happen. My advice, just look forward to basketball season.

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