This year I got a chance to attend AFROPUNK festival in Brooklyn and it was everything I expected and more. Now I'm no newbie when it comes to music festivals but I've never been to AFROPUNK.

That's not unusual since I started the festival circuit going to the major EDM ones and gradually falling in love with the lifestyle and exploring the different festival landscapes. There's a ton of them by the way!

From Sunset Festival to Hulaween, I never knew there were so many ways to see my favorite artists and hear new ones.

I tend to get excited when festival setlists have a mix of new names because that's honestly how I've gotten my best finds. Allison Wonderland anyone???

AFROPUNK was always out of my way when I first heard about it in Michigan. They have festivals in Brooklyn & Atlanta in the states. 2019 was their fourteenth year in Brooklyn but it's way more intimate than Electric Zoo, a massive EDM festival just a few years younger.

Festival outfits are known to be extravagant but AFROPUNK attendees brought nothing less than showstoppers. There were so many statement pieces and concepts on the lawn that people watching was a show in itself.

The boisterous self-expression you find at festivals is maxed out at AP. It's truly a place where people are allowed to be themselves completely and share in music.

The 2019 setlist had all kinds of artists performing, most of which were of black descent. From a personal standpoint it was great for me to see ourselves in that space because it celebrates the diversity in our cultures.

Seeing black rappers, rockers and singers being acknowledged by their fans who are just as diverse made me feel something I don't regularly experience outside of home. It felt like I belonged, with no one to explain to. That's why I didn't feel awkward, worried or anxious. Instead I got to dance to Muzi, mosh to Rico Nasty and Sing with Santigold.

All while meeting and greeting some of the best people Brooklyn and the world had to offer. Parents brought their kids, people drank from pineapples and AFROPUNK even had some love and care for your hair.

It was truly an awesome experience and I can't wait to go again next year. If you're thinking about it sign up for the email list. That's what I did after I got sold out last year.

Then you'll be the first to know about ticket sales and AP Army, their volunteer program where you can earn your way to a free ticket. In the meantime, live free and be free.



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