We Shouldn't Be Afraid To Talk About Politics When We Need To Be
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Politics and Activism

We Shouldn't Be Afraid To Talk About Politics When We Need To Be

It's everywhere around us, so why are we wanting to avoid it?

We Shouldn't Be Afraid To Talk About Politics When We Need To Be
Roya Ann Miller

Politics, as everyone knows, makes the world go ‘round. Whether it be international affairs, new bills that have been put out, Trump’s newest Tweet or ideas on gun control, politics and its many branches are everywhere. It influences day to day life, like the way our schools work, how we get paid and how our roadways are controlled. It also controls the bigger subjects, ranging from international relations with other countries to the laws that keep us safe (or that people wish would keep us safe).

So why are we afraid to talk about politics?

Why are we afraid to talk about who we voted for or whether or not we believe gun control laws should be put into place? Why are we afraid to talk about the possible wall bordering Mexico or how the #MeToo movement has made such a large difference in our society, or what we think about Rex Tillerson getting fired or what we think about DACA?

Politics, to be blunt, shape the world, whether we want them to or not. They are there and continue to make a difference, even if we decide not to talk about them. We can be in denial and pretend they aren’t there and they will still exist, so why should we pretend? Why should we avoid something so incredibly important?

The answer is simple: We shouldn’t!

I say, that rather than dreading getting into those heated arguments over the dinner table or shrinking back from talking about politics to your coworkers or boss, or not sharing that one Facebook post that you feel like cheering when watching it, you should go for it! Advocate! Share your opinion! Get into that heated debate, talk passionately with your coworkers and boss, and share that Facebook post!

What I’m trying to get at here is that it’s so necessary to be passionate about what you believe in and who you vote for. If you want to make a difference in your community and in your country, then spread the word! Know your Congressmen and Congresswomen and what they believe. Understand their values, keep up-to-date on national news and be ready to vote for those important laws. Why should we be so afraid of other people that we let ourselves shrink back and not speak our mind?

For those of you who are Millenials, Gen Y or Z, or even Gen Alpha, it’s becoming excessively important for us to share our thoughts and beliefs as well. As the new generations of voters and soon-to-be voters, we’re a massive influence in our society, and therefore, our country and its politics. If we don’t like the way that the world is going, then we have the power to start fixing it and making it right! We have the privilege of the freedom of speech – we need to use it to our advantage and not let it go to waste!

And for those of you who are older, continue to speak your mind. You have the wisdom of hindsight, the knowledge of the past and are raising the people who are the future of this country. It’s essential that you raise us with guidance, with intelligence and with a love for our home. We want to take care of our future and our society and in order to do that we need a mentor—so be that for us. Don’t be afraid to talk about your beliefs. Talk with your children, coworkers, bosses, and grandchildren. Educate them!

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to talk about politics. We can’t let our opportunities go to waste on something so important. So speak your mind.

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