The Most Affordable Rings On The Internet
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The Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Rings On The Internet

Because who doesn't like a little bling on their fingers?


I absolutely love rings. At any moment in time, you'll catch me sporting at least four or five rings, and each of them carries a different sentiment to me. Some rings can be ridiculously expensive, but here are some rings I have that are of good quality, yet don't break the bank, so that you too can rock the ring look.

1. Hand-me-down/family heirloom

One of my favorite rings is a small ring I wear on my pinkie that is a hand-me-down from my mom. It's a Black Hills Gold ring that reminds me of my home in South Dakota and all of my family trips to the Black Hills to visit my grandparents over the years. To me, it's so special to have a ring that I get to wear every day that my mom wore at my age because it gives it more meaning and always reminds me of my mom when I'm far away from home.

2. Uno de 50

This past Christmas, my parents got me a ring from Uno de 50 from one of our local boutiques and I love it. It's more of a big and flashy style and the rings are unique. My ring is one of a kind, which is awesome because I know that I'm the only person who owns that exact ring. Even though Uno de 50 rings are a little more expensive than some of the other rings on this list, they are completely worth it because they are beautiful and made with such great quality.

3. Tristen Ikaika

The rings that Tristen Ikaika makes are some of my favorites. Who would have thought that turning spoons into rings would be such a cool idea? I had wanted one of his rings for so long, but they were always sold out until his last ring launch where I got one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry I've ever had. The rings that he makes are just so unique and many times one of a kind that you can't pass up an opportunity to buy one. Oh, and they are cheap and have free shipping. What more could a girl want?

4. Quarter rings

South Dakota will always be home to me, no matter where I go. To commemorate that, I got a ring made out of a South Dakota quarter off of Etsy and I get complimented on it all the time. You can choose a quarter from whatever state you want, so I chose the place most special to me. These rings look vintage and stylish, and they are also super cheap; I got mine for less than $20. Someday I hope to get a Michigan one for my second love, and who knows after that.

5. Key rings

I've always thought that rings made out of keys were so elegant, and I'm dying to get one. When done right, a key ring can look stunning and be a huge hit. Since I'm a sucker for vintage-looking jewelry, I love when key rings are made out of those old-fashioned, fancy swirly-looking keys that are in interesting shapes like hearts.

6. Alex and Ani

While mostly known for the bangle bracelets that every girl seems to own, Alex and Ani have an amazing collection of rings that seem to be overlooked. They have really pretty wrap rings that have several of the same symbols and meanings to them that the bracelets have. Although I don't personally have an Alex and Ani ring, they are cheap and are next on my list of rings to purchase.

7. Sundance

One of the first rings I was given was from a Sundance catalog. These rings are so cute and super affordable. They have so many to choose from, and the gems that come on most of the rings are gorgeous. Each ring from Sundance looks antique and has a vibe that I personally love, along with bright, popping colors that are sure to draw attention to them.

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