2 Pieces Of Advice

2 Important Pieces Of Advice When It Comes To Relationships

Whether it be platonic, romantic, or just between those you meet throughout your everyday life, dealing with people may sometimes be difficult in a sense of not allowing yourself to slip into a destructive mindset.

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Something we tend to forget that is that while it is important to be empathetic and care for others, you must do the same for yourself. Having certain relationships with others can be mentally straining if not done so in the proper way. Meaning, you cannot give more than you take, no matter how much love you may have for someone.

1. You can't fix people.

No matter how hard you try and how much you think that a person will be "better off" if you intervene, you are not responsible for anyone's happiness but your own. People can change, however, it's something they must do by themselves. Although you may feel like you're helping by dedicating all your effort to building someone up, you're unknowingly tearing yourself apart.

By holding yourself responsible for someone else's progress, you'll begin to be drawn into their negativity to a point where you become mentally and emotionally drained. If you spend your life chasing behind someone, picking up the pieces of their mess and trying to put them back together, then who will be there to look after you?

While we may love that person, the best thing to do for them is to cut ties and allow them to work and grow on their own until they are no longer anchoring you to a sea of toxicity. No amount of one-sided love can save someone, a relationship of any kind is a two-way street and do not allow yourself to be broken in order for someone else to be fixed.

2. Sometimes you meet someone for a reason, and sometimes for a season.

Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, anyone. Whether we realize it or not, our life is filled with the unknown and within that unknown, we're bound to meet people that make us feel like we've been searching for them our entire lives. More than often we don't distinguish the difference between the two but as we get the chance to form relationships with new people, it's reassuring to be able to recognize how a person may impact our lives.

While not literally a season, you'll come across certain people who help shape you for the better and allow you to learn more about yourself. You'll associate them with laughter, the feeling of being on top of the world and the confidence to be who you are without hesitation. It'll almost feel like an escape from reality into a world of your own. This person may teach you to take life a little less seriously or how to appreciate the little things. It might hurt when they leave and you may ask yourself why they had to go, but you'll soon realize how lucky it was that you even crossed paths at all.

Meeting someone for a reason usually means that life had a lesson or two to teach you. You may realize that you deserve to be treated better or that you tend to give more than you receive. Maybe you will learn that you have tendency to bottle up feelings to a point of an emotional meltdown. From that, you are able to learn how to express yourself more and embrace sensitivity rather than take it as a weakness. Those there for a reason will come into your life when it seems that you need guidance emotionally, spiritually, ect.

Almost like an answer to you prayers, it seems like these types of relationships help us when we need it the most, as if they were meant to stay by your side. Whether it be for a reason or for a season, each person we meet helps shape us, even in the slightest manner, into the person we are today. So don't dread on it when a person you had formed a deep connection with is uprooted away from you. The reason being is that as unfortunate as it sounds, there are people that just aren't meant to be in our lives forever. So enjoy them, enjoy the strangers turned acquaintances turned friends. Learn and grow with and from them and be grateful for the both the relationships that are long lasting and the ones that are over in what it seems a blink of an eye.

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