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Last week I traveled to 4 different places in Canada with my family. This trip was an amazing and memorable one. So, cheers to new adventures and memories! Let's get started!

My first stop in Canada was the Thousands Islands, where I took a cruise and saw about a thousand Islands between the US and Canada border. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a bit cold! Thank God I wore a long sleeve flannel, eh? Jokes apart, it was terrific seeing the cute little houses on the islands and enjoying the beauty with my family.

My second stop was Montreal! Montreal was AMAZING! I stayed downtown and had some exciting adventures. I walked around downtown, had an incredible and delicious meal at the Jardin Nelson. It was a beautiful location with a real garden and a live jazz band. I recommend this restaurant for some great vegetarian dishes! I also saw a city view and a sunset of Montreal, and that was just amazing. I definitely want to go back!

My third stop was the so – chic – Quebec! I loved Quebec City, and it was someplace I would love to visit again! Quebec wasn't the same as Montreal, in fact, it was so different. I saw Waterfalls, faced my fears on the hike to see, the waterfall, I walked downtown in the city, using whatever French I could remember. While downtown, we stumbled upon this cute restaurant that had so many vegetarian choices that were SO good!!! We ordered some baguette with cheese, tomatoes, and asparagus, some vegetarian poutine (I finally experienced a real Canadian tradition!) and freshly made from scratch lasagna. While in Quebec, I woke about five in the morning to the sunrise hitting my face. Like in the movies, I sat there in awe watching the sunrise. It was indeed a beautiful and memorable moment.

As we reached the end of my adventure, Ottawa! Ottawa had given me a D.C. vibe and was great. I walked around the city, watching a lighting show on Parliament Hill and having a chill day I would have in D.C. I think my favorite part of Ottawa was talking to this lady before the show about her life and kids and in a way, I heard her story. I always enjoyed those moments. A conversation and just listening. I also got a chance to see inside the Parliament, and it was awesome! Definitely would recommend it!

In my conclusion, Canada, you were beautiful, memorable and J'adore Tu! I can't wait to go back, and I am beyond excited for my next adventure! I think Bilbo Baggins would be proud! #AmbiAdventures

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