On the night of September 19, Adele set fire to Madison Square Garden as she performed the first concert of her six show run in New York, as a stop on the North American leg of her world-renowned tour. From the first moments of the show, when she ascended from beneath the stage and began the first bars of “Hello,” until the very end, when she closed the night with “Rolling in the Deep,” it was clear to every person in the audience that the five year wait for her return was worth every single second.

After finishing her first song, Adele set the tone for the night when she began the first of her many conversations with the audience, saying, “I know it is a Monday night, but it feels more like a Friday, so let’s treat it that way.” She then began to sing one hit song to another, including, “One and Only,” “Rumour Has It,” “Million Years Ago,” Make You Feel My Love,” “Send My Love (To Your New Lover), "Someone Like You,” and “When We Were Young.” Of course, every song was better than the last, and she, and her amazing voice, did not disappoint.

The best moments of the night, however, may not have even taken place while she was singing. Throughout the show, Adele took her time in speaking to, and with, the audience, telling them stories ranging from why she wrote certain songs, to what time in her life other songs make her think of, to memories from past concerts that she knows she will never forget. Maybe still better than these stories were the hysterical instances she created, such as trying out an American accent and talking about how she likes to watch videos of people falling on YouTube for fun in her spare time. She even went as far as inviting a four year old boy on stage who had drawn her a picture that stayed behind her the whole night, and that she promised to keep and hang up at home— and you knew she meant it. Above all else, she made every person there feel that they were not just at a concert, but that they were her friend, and they were just having a normal, everyday conversation with her, which is most definitely something very few artists have the ability to do.

Of everything Adele said throughout the course of the night, what stood out the most was when she shockingly mentioned how she thinks she puts on terrible concerts. I think I speak for anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see her live when I say that it was by far one of the best shows I have ever seen. At 28, her talent goes far beyond that of any other performer her age, and it is completely evident that, no matter how hard they may try, no one else in her category will never be able to reach her level.

To the dismay of many, Adele stated in a recent interview that after this tour is over, she thinks she will take another extended hiatus from the spotlight, and, as for a tour, she will not do another one for many more years. As much at it is undeniable that her next comeback will be worth the wait, after having seen her live, I already cannot wait for the next time. Come back soon, Adele.