I'm Sorry, Mom. I'm Addicted To Coffee
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Student Life

I'm Sorry, Mom, I'm Addicted to Coffee

I am a Gold Status at Starbucks.

I'm Sorry, Mom, I'm Addicted to Coffee
Arleth Uranga

My relationship with coffee wasn't expected. I always despised coffee, feeling it was too bitter, too expensive, and an overall waste of money.

The truth is, I was wrong. Coffee was the best thing to happen to me. Our love story began after I had just pulled an all-nighter for my literature class with Dr. Hinten. It was finals week, so I knew I had to study arduously for this test.

The final was rumored to be difficult even though wasn't cumulative, and since I hadn't really read the books assigned, I had to study twice as hard. It was my choice and so I paid the price.

I read the CliffsNotes and re-wrote what I had read so I could have it fresh in my mind for that morning. I stayed up until 6 am and the final wasn't until 9 a.m. so I had a few hours to sleep before, but clearly not enough. I quickly got ready for class and went to sleep so that when I woke up I would be ready.

I woke up to my alarm, the "Narcos" theme song. I slipped into my shoes, brushed my teeth, and re-did my hair. My mind felt foggy and I couldn't think straight. I had to go back for my backpack and the car keys, and that's when I knew I wouldn't pass the final like this.

I had to act, so I made the bold choice to go to Starbucks. Now, I feel the judgment from my fellow coffee drinkers so I'll say just say this: when you are in a rush and are feeling groggy you have to drink what's around. Consequently, I fell in love. My sudden relationship with coffee felt pure, real, and meant to be.

I pulled up to the Starbucks that was close to my school and ordered a Venti Iced Coffee with half-and-half milk and six packets of Stevia. I sipped my coffee and, with every sip, I felt a little happier. I arrived to class and took the exam, and even though it was difficult, when the grades were posted, I was so ecstatic.

Starbucks CoffeeArleth Uranga

With the help of my coffee, I earned an 88 and some bonus points for participation. It pushed me up to a 91 in the class. That day, I thanked God, the all-nighter, and the coffee. Ever since that day, I have faithfully bought coffee (if the budget allows for it) and probably have a caffeine dependency, but I'm happy loving coffee.

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