55 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

55 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

Summer isn't a time to stress out about college. It's a time to celebrate all that summer has to offer.

Summer is for going back home and reconnecting with your hometown. It's for seeing your high school friends, family, and reminding yourself of your roots. Summer is when you discover how much you've changed in the past year when you were at college, but also discover the parts about yourself that didn't change.

Most college students work during the summer because life is expensive and money is important. However, college students shouldn't be working everyday of their summer. They have their whole life to work and worry about things. The summer should be for a time of distressing, having fun, and taking time to better one self. So please don't overwork yourself and take at least one day a week to do something fun. Below is a list of simple but exciting things to do during the summer.

1. Go camping

2. Go to the beach

3. Make a bonfire

4. Make s'mores

5. Have a backyard BBQ

6. Have a sleepover with all of your high school friends

7. Don't forget to spend time with your parents, they miss you when you are at college

8. Go to the lake

9. Go on a boat

10. Go tubbing or try jet-skiing

11. Go on a hike

12. Make a recipe from online or just an old family recipe

13. Go out for ice cream

14. Pull an all-nighter, at least once

15. Go on a road-trip

16. Throw a pool party or go to one

17. FaceTime your college friends and tell them you miss them

18. Make dinner for your family

19. Go for a late night drive

20. Blare music in your car with the windows down

21. Have a lazy night, binge watch all those movies

22. Watch a new Netflix series

23. Laugh so hard you cry

24. Be spontaneous, do something random with friends in your hometown

25. Go back to the hang out spot of your high school, the memories will make you smile

26. Go to a concert

27. Try to travel outside of the country if you can

28. Play a board game

29. Try a new restaurant

30. Go to your states "downtown"

31. Go for a late night swim

32. Go on a shopping spree-sometimes we all need one

33. Bake a cake and celebrate something random with friends

34. Go to a sporting event

35. Wake up for the sunrise

36. Go for a walk during the sunset

37. Tell your favorite high school teacher thank you

38. Go for a run around town

39. Go to trivia with friends

40. Try karaoke

41. Grow a plant

42. Go to a museum

43. Make a tie dye shirt

44. Go kayaking

45. Do some kind of community service

46. Celebrate the Fourth of July- a parade, wave the American flag, you name it

47. Have a photoshoot

48. Buy a touristy thing from your home state if you go to college far away, you will smile when you are homesick

49. Go for a bike ride

50. Have a water balloon fight

51. Play twister with paint

52. Dress up with friends and go somewhere fancy

53. Go out to brunch

54. Go to your friends houses, say hi to their parents, they missed you and you missed them

55. Appreciate the art of summer and do whatever you want to do, it's your summer, your time to not worry

College can be stressful and the summer is our only time to not be as stressed out as we are during the school year. Don't forget to celebrate summer and all it has to offer.

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