45 Things to do with Kids on a Rainy Day
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45 Things to do when babysitting on a rainy day

Being stuck inside all day doesn't have to be a bad thing!

45 Things to do when babysitting on a rainy day

It's easy to run out of things to do when you're babysitting all day, especially when it rains and you're stuck inside! Kids get restless really fast, so here's a list of things to do when you're running out of ideas.

1. Buy a craft kit.

Go to a craft store and find something for the kids to make.

2. Conduct a science experiment.

The kids I babysit love slime, which is surprisingly easy to make!

3. Find a DIY Craft on Pinterest.

Paper plates are more versatile than you think.

4. Make up a story together and let the kids illustrate it.

Ask the kids what happens next, you write it, and they can draw all the pictures!

5. Build a blanket/sheet fort.

They can watch a movie from inside, eat their lunch, or just hang out in there.

6. Make cookies from scratch.

Chocolate chip cookies are the easiest thing to make ever.

7. Bake and decorate cupcakes.

You can't go wrong with icing and sprinkles.

8. Find an indoor playground somewhere.

Try Ikea or a fast food playground!

9. Play restaurant.

Make a simple meal and either serve the kids or have them serve you.

10. Make an indoor scavenger hunt.

You can arrange by color, alphabet, or even just things you know you have around!

11. Make a band.

Play an instrument? Learn a song the kids know and have them sing along!

12. Play super hero...

Have the kids design a super hero and pick their own super power!

13. ...and make your own costumes.

You can make a mask out of paper plates and capes out of old t-shirts. Once again, I recommend Pinterest.

14. Watch a movie.

The kids can pick from a few movies on Netflix. This is especially good when the kids need down time after a long day!

15. Have a photo shoot.

The kids can dress up in different outfits or just model what they have on!

16. Make an indoor obstacle course.

Find a way for the kids to use up some of their energy inside.

17. Print out coloring book pages.

There's a bunch of places you can get them free online, even just google images.

18. Have an indoor picnic.

Pack a little lunch and make a spread on a blanket in the house.

19. Make homemade instruments.

It's so easy to make a rain stick out of a paper towel holder, it's a wonder we don't do it all the time.

20. Go to the library.

Check online to see if they have daily story times for free!

21. Have story time.

Pick out a chapter book you loved when you were little and read it to them a little bit at a time.

22. Teach the kids a card game.

A lot of kids don't know how to play Go Fish or Solitaire, so why not teach them?

23. Look around for activities in town.

Some places around town have $2 art classes, play groups, or discounts on things for the kids to do!

24. Have a homemade spa day.

The kids can make a homemade face mask from banana and honey!

25. Decorate a box to keep crafts in.

It's a good way for you and the kids to stay organized.

26. Have a dance party.

Put on a kids' station on Spotify, lower the lights, and have a dance party.

27. Make a movie on iMovie.

It can be about anything you want!

28. Do the kids' makeup.

My niece always wants to match with me when I wear pink eyeshadow, and the other kids love it too!

29. Play a board game.

The kids will have so much fun playing Candyland, but make sure things don't get too intense.

30. Make up a board game.

Get a piece of poster board and make your own kind of monopoly.

31. Play hide-and-seek.

Kids are especially good at hiding in tiny places, so inside the house is plenty of room for them!

32. Do some yoga.

It's a good way to help kids use up some of their energy, plus it's funny when all of you are falling all over the place trying to balance!

33. Do a puzzle.

This can keep kids occupied for a long time, so the more pieces you have, the better.

34. Throw a tea party.

Make cute little tea sandwiches and pink lemonade in a tea pot. You can serve the cupcakes you decorated!

35. Make jewelry.

Their moms will love their homemade necklaces.

36. Build with Legos

Legos are the best kind of game for everyone. It's just a fact.

37. Make a magazine collage.

Let them cut up an old magazine and glue things together.

38. Play an online dress-up game.

If you loved it when you were a kid, chances are, they'll love it too.

39. Play a game with a blown up balloon.

A balloon toss will be fun, just make sure to avoid any lamps!

40. Play charades.

Find a list of things online that they can pretend to be.

41. Make a carwash for toy cars.

Use the kitchen sink and some hand soap for minimal mess.

42. Make paper airplanes.

Everyone needs to learn sometime!

43. Make a music video.

Find a song that the kids love, dress them up, and have them dance to it.

44. Play Pictionary.

Try to guess what the kids are drawing.

45. Go to Build-A-Bear.

The kids will leave with a souvenir and they'll have something to do for 2 hours. It's a win-win!

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