3 Tasks Everyday Tasks That Acrylic Nails Make Difficult

Most would say the cost is a $20 fill in every few weeks and that is only the beginning. With Acrylic nails a lot of day to day task become much harder to perform or forces the owner to adapt and find new ways to do said task.

1.) Picking Change Off of a Surface

As someone who works with a cash register, this can be quite complicated at times. Not to mention but the fact that most people will sit their money on the counter when my hand is waiting right there for it is disrespectful. You will quickly notice that trying to pick the coins off the counter to take longer than normal and can be quite difficult. If possible slide the coins off the counter and into your hand to save time.

2.) Opening A Soda Can

I'm sure not everyone has this problem because I have seen other girls with nails successfully open cans with their nails. Personally, I haven't quite figured it out yet. Remember it's never a bad idea to ask for help or to seek out tools to help you and to protect your nails. In this case, ask a friend to help you or you can always use the tongs of a fork to help you pop the tab without popping off a nail.

3.) Removing Safety Seals

Ever get something from the store that you are super excited about, but as soon as you go to open it you realize there it a little piece of tape or a sticker keeping you from your merchandise. This is probably the most annoying because it is something so small standing in the way. Based on the shape of your nails this can be more difficult for some than others. If worst comes to worst just grab yourself a pair of scissors.

Looking fabulous this summer doesn't have to be viewed as a negative. Having nails encourages you to find alternative ways to perform a task. This being said this is really good for your brain. When you perform a task the same way there is a path that is formed in the brain. Every time you perform it the same way the pathway gets deeper. As you discover new ways to do a certain task it creates a new branch off from a familiar path. It can also help to improve problem-solving skills.

So girl look fabulous this summer.

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