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Growing Up On The East Coast, Pro-Choice Is The Only Logical Choice To Keep My Humanity

My uterus, your uterus: they are not the property of the state so why is the state trying to control them?

Growing Up On The East Coast, Pro-Choice Is The Only Logical Choice To Keep My Humanity

I am a pro-choice activist!

Why is it that aborting an unborn child is a crime punishable by life in prison but a Mother killing her newborn child a lesser crime? Because the Mother fulfilled her "purpose" that led to her to never connect with her child? Because she ended up having post-partum depression and end up killing the baby? The baby was born into a family that didn't want it and giving the child up for adoption would mean the mother, who is already mentally unstable, having to acknowledge that she is a "failure" as a mother and eventually leads her to seeing the child as being the problem in order to preserve her state of mind.

Is it because you want to feel self-righteous? After you stopped the woman from having an abortion, will you adopt it when it is put in foster care by the mother? Will you help support her if she keeps it? No. You and most everyone else around you that are pro-life will not because after the child is born it truly is alive and can think so you push the responsibility of a "life" onto the mother regardless if she wants it or not, leading back to post-partum depression and endangering the child, psychically or mentally.

In the South, abortion is not looked upon kindly but if you get pregnant out of wedlock, you're a slut. If you talk to most families or just observe some families in the South, 1/3 times the mother is single and the father is not in the picture. Sadly, it is true and this leads to serious mental illnesses for the Mother that she then affects the children... psychologically. Ultimately the child's quality of life at the point could be questioned.

I encourage close-minded people to seek more information about what happens to the children they supposedly "save." And before you scold me for being the "closed-minded" one, I want you to try living in a county almost everyone that has lived there calls "Broke Hoke" for your entire childhood and tell me what you think.

I grew up in a trailer park with no extended relatives wanting to help my family. And at one point my family was homeless for a few months. At a time I do not remember, my sisters, mother, father, and I were taking showers at truck stops, sleeping in a car, living dollar by dollar, scraping whatever change we could find together just to buy food. When we settled at a trailer park, I saw the ugly side of the broken-down government policies.

I have had friends in middle school get pregnant, get abortions because they are too young and have babies because they know that sooner or later, having children early is the norm in the South.

Every year, "more than 600,000 children experience foster care in the United States*" and 1/6 of those put in foster care are newborns. South Carolina has women leaving the state so they can have an abortion, which although they lower state abortion numbers, does not decrease the number of abortions overall.

Georgia just passed the "fetal heartbeat bill," criminalizing abortion after 6 weeks, which is ludicrous! Women do not even find out they are pregnant until 4 weeks so they are pressuring women to make a decision within 2 weeks. It is like people are digressing rather than evolving. The choice that changes your entire future and what you can do with your body is now being taken from women by men that have power and women that are old-fashioned and/or self-righteous.

We have morphed sex into an act that is looked-down on although it is a natural interaction between the sexes. Women have to prevent pregnancy with pills and implants and patches while men have no obligation other than to wear a condom. Simply put, women are constricted to a routine while men to a whim. Routine is habit and hard to follow while a whim is a passing thought, like scumbag of a man that should know the weight of his "whim". So, just because a woman consents to have sex does NOT mean she consents to get pregnant. If you ban abortion, you should sentence men who abandon their child to life in prison, as they want to with women that abort unwanted children, because they equally made the decision to make a child.

It takes 2 to tango and create life so why is the woman the only one being put at a disadvantage?

*Barton, T. (3rd July, 2019). As state lawmakers weigh next abortion ban, more SC women seek access elsewhere.The State.

[online] [Accessed 3 Jul. 2019].

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