As I end the summer and head back off to school, I notice that there's something that I struggle with everytime I go back. It's easy to get comfortable at home and comfortable being with your family all the time. But something I have found to never get easier is saying goodbye to friends.

You get used to the late nights chilling outside, getting eaten by mosquitos but not caring because of who you're with. You get used to the comfort of having known them since the beginning of high school. They know your deepest secrets, everywhere from the story of your first kiss to your family secrets. You get used to the comfort.

When it's time to go back there's always mixed emotions. I look forward to the new school year and the new things and old friends there, but I also get nostalgic. I miss my family, and all of you. I think about the nights out at the bar and the concerts and their tailgates. I think about the endless summer nights just sitting there enjoying doing nothing. I think about the nights where we were happy to talk about what makes us sad.

So thank you. Thank you for reminding me of my real self. It's so easy to get wrapped up in school and lose touch with your roots. You keep me grounded and remind me who I really am. Thank you for the endless nights driving with the top down, and the wawa dinners, and the nights sitting outside drinking beer. Thank you for helping me learn what it's like to love friends and for giving me another reason for home to be home.

I'll never forget the Summer of 19 You (+ you +you) + Me.