To keep it cliche: a picture a day keeps the doctor away. While taking pictures seems to be a sure sign of vanity and self-absorption, it is actually a great way to document your day, week, month, or year! Looking back at photo-memories allows you to create a more formative analysis of a period of time. If remembering to use your normal phone camera is too much, there are apps that remind you to record a one-second video of your day and create a yearly collage!

These videos and pictures come together to create an online photo album. A picture a day is something I wish I had participated in more during my first year of college. Now, stuck at home for the summer, I desperately wish I had more pictures of my friends to cheer me up during long summer work hours. These serve as reminders of all the good times to come.

Even a bad day can be turned around by a second video or a picture because it changes the focus of the day onto good things that are occurring. Pictures are an important part of keeping track of memories and daily life and can even help foster your creative side.

The best part is these pictures do not have to be hoarded to take up space on your electronic device. Instead, at the end of your year, you can save all the pictures you want and delete the rest. Recording a second per day serves as a type of diary but can be easier than sitting down to write in a journal.

Starting now, try taking a picture a day to remember all of the good parts of your day. Not only will your photography skills improve, but you will find that even the worst days have good moments in them!