Time is Just A Construct?

It's only been a few days over a month since winter break when my sister and I drove out of the driveway and waved goodbye to our parents for a while. We were smiling with really watery eyes they couldn't see through the window tint until we drove out of sight and I could bawl my eyes out while I told my sister, "You can't cry, sorry, you're driving". It seems it gets harder to leave home every time I come back, somehow. And it's that time of the semester where I feel a pull in my heart towards home.

Miss u, xoxo

The need to go home hasn't been quenched yet, sad to say. We're all too busy. One weekend there's an exam the next Monday that I really can't afford to not spend all day and night on the third floor of Marston studying for, and the next there's a retreat with an organization I just joined and it would look just terrible to miss it for a weekend trip home. This weekend is a no, next weekend is an open house at my house, which means my parents will be acting as realtors to sell their beautiful home to a beautiful new family, hopefully, and therefore I wouldn't be able to stay at home anyway. So for now, it's been phone calls and butt dials from my mom in the morning that I appreciate and texts that say "miss u, love you, hugs to all".

Home is Where the HEART is, ya heard

Yeah, I heard. And my heart is split between this crazy beautiful school and my crazy beautiful hometown filled with some of my crazy beautiful family members and my crazy handsome dog. So until spring break, about a month away, I'll be here, in one half of my heart, waiting until the other half gets a turn at the wheel. And until then, it'll be a lot of "miss u, xoxo's".