A President Should Not Ask for Dirt

A President Should Not Ask for Dirt

In which I write about presidents, phone calls and Ukraine...


These days it does not take much for some controversy or something to make me write in indignation about an injustice. Lately the topic of "What makes a good president?" has been coming up frequently at the cafes. This question in and of itself is a complex one, and one we must discuss. A great leader is above partisan politics, and a great leader is not afraid to say "This country is suffering, but I swear before you and before my honor that I will do all I can to bring a better tomorrow."

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There was an incident that made me dismay for my poor Patria that took place a short while ago. Our current president was pleading with the president of Ukraine to pull up dirt on his primary opponent. As is well known, I do not support Trump. Nor will I vote for him.

Would I say the same thing if somebody of my own convictions did this? Absolutely my dear reader! This I affirm to you, and the world.

Why is this wrong? My dear reader, this undermines not only the very role of the president, but also invites political corruption and endless "revenge politics" from both sides.

A true leader is an example for the people, they do not and should not feel the need to dig up dirt on their opponents. Now alas I realize that digging up dirt is a past time as old as time itself, but this does not mean we should do it. If cheating was commonly accepted in a game does this make cheating right? If I was told to let a prince win a game of tennis because he is the prince (as what happened with King Ferdinand of Spain) would that be right of me? Or should I give the prince a fair game (ahhh poor Simon Bolivar got yelled at for doing the second!)

Likewise, pulling up dirt does nothing but brings up excessive anger and bickering on both sides. Just because you can pull up dirt does not mean you should. Furthermore, if you are collaborating with another world leader to bring up dirt on your opponent this is not ethical.

Another major problem of this is it distracts from the real issues. The United States is plagued with problems- legendary national debt, a currency that is worth something abroad but prices here keep rising past the cost of living, climate change, and hatred. Alas my poor patria, I wish I could lend you a helping hand... These are relevant issues we need to discuss and bring to the table during debates, as we are busy finding mud on our opponents and candidates we do not like- prices keep rising, glaciers are melting, and hatred of people keeps growing. These problems have been with us for a long time, but like a volcano they were kept under the surface only to be exposed every now and then. Through doing this we have deceived ourselves by believing things were fine by turning the other way from these problems.

However, there is immense folly in looking the other way. As we are looking at the insults and trying to undermine each other- these problems are not taking a break and they keep getting worse and worse. We need to work together to find solutions for these problems and pour real time and energy into this.

We may not all agree with Greta Thunberg, but she is bringing attention to an issue many are ignoring- and I admire her for that.

My dear readers, lets not get caught up in mudslinging and dirt finding. Instead we should look forward to working together in solidarity for a brighter future. And my dear potential presidential candidates out there, instead of talking with other leaders about pulling up dirt I implore you to be an example of leadership and confront these problems the world is facing.

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