A New political Era In The United States.
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A New political Era In The United States.

Change is occurring in America.

A New political Era In The United States.

The United States has gone through a rebirth: Democrats have gained control of the White House and Congress in the historic landmark elections of November 2020. Now a once divided but hopeful country is awaiting leadership, healing and a new direction. But will President Joseph Biden deliver?

Like Moses in the bible, President Biden has inherited a Red Sea that he must cross. A relentless pandemic and an economy in shamble represent the epic challenges of his new administration. He also has to contend with climate change, systemic racial injustice and a bitterly divided electorate. After all, this is an era with the promise of change, leadership and good governance.

A new era symbolizes a transitional period in history. It often occurs when leadership changes hand, which can result in the way politics affect people. The United States, despite all its fame and glory, makes no exception. Throughout its history, the United States has had its share of turmoil, difficulties and egocentric characters at its helm.

For example, Americans often reflect on some past leaders, times of wars, the Great Depression and so forth. The country always thrived. But a political leader who poisons the minds of people with clanship, divisiveness and demagoguery, then incarnates a cruel culture that lasts for generations.

In this case, irrational conspiracy theories become evident; an angry mob of insurrectionists violently stormed the Capitol Hill as they were instructed; and disenchanted groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and others pop up everywhere against systemic racism and police brutalities.

Fortunately, on November 3, 2020, voters responded at the ballot box and the United States has just transitioned from those turbulent years to an era of detente. The page has turned. With the ascension of Biden as president, change looms brightly on the horizon.

Under President Biden's leadership, change starts occurring on day one. He is eager to set the record straight. According to his memorandum, new and pending rules passed in the last days of Trump's tenure will be reviewed by department and agency heads.

The new administration's aggressive plan includes getting 100 million people vaccinated in the first 100 days in office. He already passed 25 executive orders that cover a variety of issues. For example, immigration, climate change and COVID-19 are at the forefront of a list of items.

If given a chance, President Biden will move the country in the right direction. In turn, it's the responsibility of Democrats in Congress and Senate to use their slim majority in both chambers for a good cause.

So far, despite all the good things about Biden's presidency, one cannot overlook his elite status. He is a member of the Illuminati, an organization that promotes globalism causes. Well, does it mean that the sovereignty of the United States risks falling into the hands of the One World Government?

Anyway, this line of thought is beyond the point of speculation, considering Biden's strong commitment to change and to doing the right thing. But Republicans and Democrats who remain silent on the issue of globalism imply in that regard their participation in or their consent to it. By the way, most western leaders also adhere to the concept of world depopulation and the New World Order.

Above all, this is a new era, one of détente and change. President Biden embodied resilience, strength and practical knowledge in his personal and political life. Likewise, he has what it takes to transcend the scope of any political challenges to repair our damaged democracy and to reshape America and the world.

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